Advanced Leadership Program for Female Leaders

During the past 12 months, I was fortunate to be able to complete the Advanced Leadership Program run by Women & Leadership Australia. The program, specifically designed for female leaders was developed to equip women for leadership roles in business and address the significant gender leadership imbalance that exists in Australia. It was a rewarding [...]

Good Customer Outcomes – Refinancing Not the Best Solution

Providing Lenders and Brokers work together, the Broker involvement should not necessarily result in refinancing to another institution. With the right mindset on the part of both parties, Finance Brokers can help Lenders retain & improve their existing client relationships. Situation We were recently approached by an experienced small business owner to assist with refinancing [...]

Good Customer Outcomes – Financing Specialised Equipment

From time to time as an Asset Finance Broker, I am approached to assist with financing specialised equipment that challenges the norm and is a bit outside the box. Often when it comes to finance, if you are trying to do something different, Lenders will sometimes run for cover and hide under the "our policy" [...]

Good Customer Outcome – Fitout Finance for a new Retail Outlet

I was able to achieve a good customer outcome for a client seeking Fitout Finance for a new retail outlet. Whilst the client was an experienced retailer, the finance was for a start-up outlet in a new shopping centre. Fitout Finance for a new retail outlet - The challenge! Fitout finance for a new retail [...]

Good Customer Outcomes – Specialised Equipment

Financing Specialised Equipment can be a challenge particularly where a business does “not tick all the boxes” from a clinical credit perspective. Business by its very nature is dynamic. As many business owners know there are ups and downs! Often the pathway to success is littered with potholes! Making it difficult for business owners to [...]

The Pathway to Good Customer Outcomes

No business can survive long term if it does not deliver good customer outcomes! The key word here is outcomes – every business does, or should be, looking to deliver good outcomes its customers. When the focus becomes anything else, selling a product or service, making money it all starts to fall apart! An internal [...]

Good Customer Outcome – Achieving Debt Amortisation

In finance a good customer outcome is not necessarily always borrowing more or indeed reducing amortisation. Often a good customer outcome and the right thing is to reduce debt through amortisation. Good Customer Outcome - Poor Structure not a Lack of Intent! In our experience many business owners would like to reduce their debt! However, [...]

Good Customer Outcomes – Leveraging the Market!

In an environment where there has been a lot of negative press, it is easy to lose sight of the good customer outcomes most brokers achieve on behalf of their clients! The value and balance brokers bring to the bank - client relationship. For many clients, a key frustration as their business grows and evolves, is [...]