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Equipment Finance Solutions Melbourne

Our Equipment Finance Specialist has been helping business owners in Melbourne and throughout Victoria access the finance they need for more than 25 years.

She will help you quickly access highly competitive, well-structured finance, and avoid expensive mistakes

Enjoy great rates and many more options from our panel of over 50 Lenders.

You tell us what needs to be financed, and we do all the research and negotiate with Lenders on your behalf.

To help you access the equipment you need faster, “No Financials Finance” is also available if you meet the qualifying criteria.

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    Equipment We Finance

    Our Expert Finance Specialist can help you arrange finance for a wide range of equipment including:

    Commercial Equipment

    Manufacturing Equipment

    Trucks & Motor Vehicles

    Premises Fitout


    Import Escrow

    Greater Choice & More Options

    Not all Lenders are the same. Their willingness to lend, pricing, and what they are prepared to offer in terms of structures, can vary widely.

    Some focus on particular industries, whilst others offer finance for specialised or secondhand equipment.

    The key is to know which Lenders are the most competitive and suited to the type of finance you are seeking.

    The market access our Equipment Finance Expert delivers provides you with more choices and different approval pathways.

    Greater choice also increases competition which means you enjoy leads better pricing, terms, and conditions.

    Why Use Our Equipment Finance Expert

    Access to the latest equipment is critical to ensuring you have the tools needed to succeed in an intensely competitive marketplace.

    However, Equipment Finance is specialised and it is easy to make costly mistakes.

    We will guide you through the process and ensure:

    • Full ownership, depreciation, tax and GST benefits are realised
    • The finance is structured to your cashflow
    • Where needed, sufficient time is allowed for installation and commissioning before repayments commence

    Avoid the Headline Interest Rate Trap

    While the Equipment Finance market is highly competitive, a common mistake is to focus solely on the interest rate quoted, rather than the total cost of the finance over the term.

    What appears to be a low interest rate may conceal a higher cost of finance due to:

    • A larger Residual payment which means you pay more interest over the term of the facility
    • Additional fees
    • A higher purchase price
    • An unpopular or superseded model which can result in a lower sale price when the time comes to replace the equipment

    We can help you avoid these pitfalls and access finance that is truly market competitive.

    One Contact for All Your Finance Needs

    If you are like most business owners in Melbourne or regional Victoria and have a mix of business, equipment and personal finance you’ll typically need to deal with, & educate, multiple Lenders about your business.

    For time poor business owners this can be enormously time consuming and frustrating.

    At The 500 Group, we have specialists in each of the equipment, business, and home finance segments. This means we can handle all your finance requirements in-house.

    Our Specialists work closely together to ensure whatever type of finance you require, works as a complete package and does not drain your business of vital cash flow.

    Importantly, our long-term relationship focus means if you require finance in the future, we hold all your information on file and the process of obtaining finance is far easier.

    If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out