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The Household Expenditure Measure Is Used To Assess Home Finance Applications

The Household Expenditure Measure

During the Banking Royal Commission there was a heavy focus given to the Banks' use of the Household Expenditure Measure when assessing Home Finance applications. Some Lenders were criticised for over-reliance on the tool, rather than undertaking analysis of an applicant’s monthly expenditure.

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Download The Home Finance Handbook

The Home Finance Handbook – Free eBook

If you are buying a new home, upgrading or undertaking major renovations, download our free eBook - The Home Finance Handbook. The residential finance market has changed considerably over the past two years. This has come about because of the Banking Royal Commission, the softening…

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Family Used First Home Buyers Loan Deposit Scheme

First Home Buyers Loan Deposit Scheme

As part of the election campaign, the Federal Government announced if re-elected, they would introduce the First Home Buyers Loan Deposit Scheme. The Labor Shadow Treasurer has said if elected they will match the scheme. How the First Home Buyers Loan Deposit Scheme will work…

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Saving A Home Deposit Using The First Home Super Saver Scheme

The First Home Super Saver Scheme

The Federal Government introduced the First Home Super Saver Scheme in 2017. They designed it to assist first home buyers to build a deposit for a home by taking advantage of the tax concessions available to monies held in superannuation.

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Use Pocketbook To Create A Home Loan Budget

Track your spending with Pocketbook

Pocketbook is a free App developed in Australia that people can use to understand and monitor their spending patterns. Recently, we have outlined how Banks look at applicants’ monthly expenditure in granular detail, when assessing home loan affordability. They do this by going through your…

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