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The 500 Group Team
The 500 Group Team

Together creating opportunities and building wealth!

At the 500 Group, we believe our success is driven by that of our clients!

This simple proposition is at the core of everything we do – it is why we exist and the motivational force behind what we do every day!

That is, it is not about us, finance, lenders, but you the client!

It is about what is important to you – your ambitions, goals and dreams!

Finance is simply the tool we use to help make your dreams a reality!

Why a different approach is needed

Too often we see:

  • Complex financial solutions being offered to clients rather than simple but effective strategies that work!
  • Financial products being recommended which are driven more by corporate targets or current policy and at times not what is in the best interest of the client!
  • Financial structures offered having no relationship to what the customer is trying to achieve – their goals and dreams!
  • The term valued customer and long-term relationships lasting only until the deal is done and then they are forgotten!

Our Guiding Principals

At the 500 Group, we developed four Guiding Principals, which are a beacon for how we conduct ourselves so as to impact our clients lives for the better!

  • Understanding – Taking the time to understand what our clients are looking to achieve is central to what we do. The structures we recommend need to be aligned to our clients’ vision dreams and goals
  • Relationships – We strive to build deep and long-term relationships with our clients – we believe you build relationships with people and that real relationships based on trust are only built over time and through consistent performance
  • Choice – We use our network of lenders to provide our clients with choice, options and flexibility. In a fast changing and highly competitive world access to choice is essential
  • Simplicity – Finance can be extremely complex, so we strive to eliminate jargon and communicate in plain language!

Working together to create opportunities and build wealth!

Our team of Finance Specialists all have extensive experience in their different fields of expertise from commercial finance, home and investment loans and equipment finance.

All are driven by a desire to use their expertise to help clients achieve what is important in their lives. To use finance to create opportunities and build wealth.

If you would like to learn more about how the team at The 500 Group could assist you give us a call today on 1300 500 254

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