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Greg Pierlort - Commercial Finance

Greg Pierlot

Commercial Finance

I have always been passionate about business and as a business owner myself, I understand the challenges, and satisfaction of running a business. With a background in banking and finance…

Sharon Piening - The 500 Group

Sharon Piening

Equipment & Motor Vehicle Finance

I have specialised in Asset Finance for more than 25 years and strive to deliver my clients faster access to Commercial equipment they are seeking to finance. As a Finance…

Carlo Colangelo - The 500 Group - Mortgage Finance

Carlo Colangelo

Residential Finance

I have a background in Senior Relationship Management, Private Banking and Mortgage Broking finance of over 30 years. Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed my time in banking, I made the transition…

Bruce Hall - Commercial

Bruce Hall


I love helping businesses and individuals explore their potential - most have far more potential than they realise! Helping businesses, and people, on their journey is what I truly enjoy…

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