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Experienced Real Estate Finance Broker Melbourne

Our specialist Real Estate Finance Broker Melbourne has access to over 40 Lenders including those who specialise in real estate and rent rolls.

We can help you with finance to grow your business, purchase business premises, buy a Rent Roll, or create personal wealth.

Our market access delivers more options and increased negotiating power as Lenders compete for our business.

We can help you access finance for:

Business Expansion
Purchase of Rent Rolls
Business Acquisitions
Cash Flow Management
Purchase Business Premises
Premises Fitout
Business Equipment
Motor Vehicles
Home Purchase
Property Investment

Why The 500 Group Real Estate Finance Broker?

Our experienced Real Estate Finance Broker Melbourne has experience with both independent and franchise groups.

We can help you unlock the value of your business and tailor a finance package specifically to your requirements.

Lender policies, packages and appetites vary widely.

The keys to a successful outcome are:

  • Knowing which Lenders to approach for the type of financing you require
  • Ensuring your total finance package (business & personal) is correctly structured and aligned to your objectives and cash flow
  • Preparation and presenting your request to Lenders in a concise and professional format

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Greg Pierlot

Real Estate Finance Specialist

    The 500 Group Difference

    The need to deal with, and continually educate, different Lenders about their business is a major source of frustration for many business owners.

    The 500 Group solves this problem by having specialists in each of the business, equipment, motor vehicle and home finance segments.

    This means we handle all your financing needs in-house. We become your single point of contact for all your financing needs, whether business or personal.

    Get it Right the First Time – Know Where You Stand

    First impressions are important in finance just as they are in real estate.

    This is why, before approaching Lenders, we will complete a Bankability Assessment.

    This powerful process:

    • Allows different options and structures to be tested
    • Ensures your total finance package is correctly structured
    • Identifies issues that, if resolved, could improve your bankability and negotiating power
    • Provides Lenders what they require in a concise and professional format
    • Reduces delays, frustrations and leads to better outcomes

    Rent Roll Finance

    Lenders on our panel will finance the purchase of a Rent Roll.

    How much they will lend, and the qualifying criteria varies between Lenders.

    They will also assess your request in the context of your other financial commitments (both business and persona).

    This is why a properly structured total finance package is critical.

    Key Rent Roll Criteria

    • A minimum 3 years’ experience in the industry
    • Your reputation and knowledge of the area
    • The number, type and mix of residential and commercial properties
    • The spread and average number of properties owned by landlord
    • Suburbs where the properties are located
    • The number and % of vacant properties
    • The number and % of tenants who are more than 60 days in arrears
    • This will depend on the profile and quality of the Rent Roll being purchased
    • Financing up to 60% of the purchase price is possible if the Rent Roll quality is sound & ability to repay is demonstrated
    • Again, this will depend on the Rent Roll, however some Lenders will allow repayment up to 10 years or longer
    • While most Lenders prefer principal and interest, if sound serviceability can be demonstrated and sufficient equity is held in the Rent Roll, some will allow an interest only period

    Lenders typically require:

    • A General Service Agreement
    • Directors or Personal Guarantees
    • In most instances, the Lender will require an independent valuation of the Rent Roll.  This will typically be net of Letting Fees

    Experience a Different Finance Experience

    Accessing finance, negotiating with Lenders, comparing different packages and offers can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. This is time owners of successful Real Estate Agencies cannot afford.

    Importantly, our team at The 500 Group understand not only finance, but also business.

    Understanding business is essential for ensuring the finance solutions we source work in the real world.

    We do all the research and negotiations with Lenders, freeing you up to focus on what is important, growing your business and wealth.

    If you would like to learn more about how our Business Finance Experts can assist, don’t hesitate to get in touch.