Experienced Manufacturing Finance Specialist

At The 500 Group our experienced Manufacturing Finance Broker can help you access the finance you need.

Manufacturing typically involves high fixed and upfront expenses. Lead times can be protracted.

Many manufacturers also have a long cash cycle.

Rent, loan repayments, raw material inputs, labour, and production consume cash long before payment is received from the end customer. Other factors to be considered include, transport, shipping and in some industries, seasonality.

When it comes to Manufacturing Finance it is not enough to simply look at profitability.

To avoid cash flow pain, the finance must be structured to the cash flow of the business.

The Finance Broker Advantage

As a Finance Broker we have access to over 40 Lenders which includes all the major Banks.

Not all Lenders are the same. Some favour particular industries or types of financing. Others can be more flexible in terms of policies and security requirements.

Once we understand your business and requirements, we will identify the Lenders who are most competitive and suited to what you are seeking and your business.

We handle all negotiations on your behalf, keep you informed and manage the process through to settlement.

Following settlement, we will continue as your finance partner as your needs change or evolve.

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Sharon Piening

Manufacturing Finance Specialist

    Why Use Our Manufacturing Finance Broker Melbourne?

    The 500 Group specialises in business finance. We understand manufacturing and its unique characteristics.

    Our Manufacturing Finance Broker Melbourne will take the time to understand your business, and cashflow, then tailor a finance package specifically to your needs.

    Critically, because our team includes specialists in each of the business, equipment, motor vehicle and home finance segments we have the capability to handle all your needs in-house.

    This means you do not need to constantly explain or re-educate Lenders about your business.

    Our market access also ensures whatever type of finance you need, you will enjoy peace of mind that it is market competitive.

    How We Can Assist

    Our experienced team can help you access Finance for a wide range of purposes including:

    Business Growth
    Purchase Business Premises
    Business Acquisitions
    Cash Flow Management
    Invoice Financing
    Trade Finance
    Equipment Finance
    Motor Vehicle Finance
    Premises Fitout
    Home Finance
    Investment Finance
    Plus, more

    Manufacturing Finance Industry Experience

    Our Business Finance Brokers and Equipment Finance Brokers have worked with a wide range of industries including:

    Component Suppliers
    Apparel – Clothing
    Windows and Doors
    And more

    Whether your business is in Dandenong, Thomastown, Braeside, Altona or Moorabbin, our experienced team of manufacturing finance specialists can assist.

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    Victoria has a long history as Australia’s manufacturing engine room.

    Despite many challenges over past decades and intense offshore competition, Victoria’s manufacturing sector has proven innovative and highly resilient.

    It is these characteristics, combined with the complexity associated with manufacturing, that make our involvement in the sector rewarding and enjoyable.

    No two manufacturers are the alike; each business has unique elements that must be reflected in the financing structure provided.

    Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how our team of Business Finance Specialists can help you access the finance you need.