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The 500 Group Use Strategy To Achieve Great Outcomes For Clients
The 500 Group Use Strategy To Achieve Great Outcomes For Clients

creating opportunities and building wealth!

Why The 500 Group?

At The 500 Group we believe finance in whatever form is just a tool, a means to an end that our clients use to achieve what is important to them in their business and life!

We strive to work together, developing long-term relationships and through our actions create opportunities and build wealth for our clients!

We understand that finance can be complex and at times policies adopted by lenders can be confusing. Our role is to help you navigate these challenges to access competitive finance that is structured to help you achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

Our experienced Finance Specialists have access to a wide panel of lenders including the major Banks.

Through this network we provide you with flexibility and the power of choice to give you peace of mind!

The 500 Group Approach

At the core of The 500 Group philosophy is the desire to understand what it truly important to our clients. Their business, goals and objectives is what drives the type of finance solution provided, not the reverse! This applies equally to commercial, mortgage and equipment finance!

Central to our approach is our Finance Proposal – a comprehensive document that we provide to the lenders to ensure they understand your situation, your business and life – what you are seeking and on what terms.

Our experience is that by us investing the time in the Finance Proposal, it significantly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome for you.

When you engage The 500 Group we will actively look for ways to deepen our relationship and add value beyond finance.

We believe real relationships are built with people over time, and through consistent performance!

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