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Reduce risk with a Bankability Assessment by testing the market and not relying too heavily on one lender.

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Feel the freedom and choice that comes when lenders compete for your business.

There are 3 reasons lenders often struggle to meet business owners’ borrowing needs.

First, it takes a serious time investment to understand their industries, businesses, group structures, personal circumstances, and existing borrowings.

Second, lending managers’ large loan portfolios often mean delays in getting back to you, less time available to service your request, not proactively helping you to find the right loan or securing pre-approval for your loan application.

Finally, individual lenders can only offer their own products, which may not suit your requirements and can be a major risk if you rely on one lender for approvals or finding the optimal deal.

Work with us to get pre-approval and loans that work best for you so you can get back to growing your business.

Reduce the time, hassle, and uncertainty of getting the optimal loan with our Bankability Assessments services.

Our Next-Gen Bankability Assessment Software can:
  • Quickly summarise your facilities and securities to establish your total borrowings, equity position, and headroom.
  • Give you deeper insights into your business and personal finances, available funds for debt servicing and determine your borrowing potential.
  • Gain key insights into your bankability from a lender’s perspective and what you need to do to secure the right loan.
  • Maximise your negotiating power by knowing where you stand from a lending perspective and pre-emptively take corrective action.
  • Challenge lenders when necessary and significantly improve your chances of success.