Get competitive business loans with the right structure, terms, and conditions for you.

Build the business you’ve dreamed about.

Taking out a loan for your business can sometimes be arduous, but it doesn’t need to be. Our business loan brokers and finance experts can help you find and secure the right offer.

Understanding the different business loans available is critical. From working capital to equipment financing, or even a structured line of credit, each loan type can provide vital capital at a specific point in the life cycle of your business.

Types of business loans we can help you with:
  1. Working Capital
    Running a business can require significant working capital to fund inventory, debtors, wages, and other operational cash flows. We’re here to help you secure specific working capital loans such as overdrafts, debtor, trade, and unsecured loans. Ensure you have the cash flow needed to run your business effectively so that you can take advantage of purchasing discounts and other opportunities.
  2. Business Acquisitions
    Getting funding for your business acquisition can be challenging. It requires significant commercial expertise, effort, and access to suitable lenders and experienced lending managers to secure the right loan product and outcome for your circumstances.
  3. Debt Restructuring, Refinancing, and Consolidation
    From time to time, it’s necessary or prudent to review and reset your loans. When your circumstances change or your current loan repayments, interest rates, security, or terms no longer work for you, we can help you find a better solution.
  4. Commercial Property Purchases
    Buying commercial property for your own use or investment typically involves considerable sums of money and longer-term borrowings. The bigger the loan, the longer the term, and the greater the lending value ratio, the more critical it is to get professional help to secure the optimal deal and maximum flexibility.
  5. Construction and Property Development
    Property projects are notoriously demanding. Your lender will consider all the risks and ask that you put clear mitigation strategies in place before approving your loan. Help is at hand! We’ve got decades of experience in brokering property loans.
  6. SMSF Property Purchases
    Borrowing to buy property in a SMSF is an appealing wealth creation strategy. However, you need professional advice to manage the significant compliance issues, and fewer lenders are willing to provide these loans right now. Ask us to introduce you to lenders who can manage your compliance process and risks while providing the funding you need to secure your future.
  7. Owner Capital Repayments
    Sometimes, you just want to get cash out of your business to fund personal assets and lifestyle needs. You may need to repay loans or return the equity you have in the business. This can often be done in a tax-effective manner. We’ll work with your accountant to explore your options, so you achieve the most appropriate outcome.

Building the business of your dreams takes effort, dedication — and often help from outside sources.

A business loans broker can provide that much-needed guidance to secure the right business loan to get your business off the ground or keep it moving forward when cash flow is tight. But with so many options available, it’s important to work with a business finance expert who can identify the right type of loan for your specific needs.

At The 500 Group, we specialise in helping you secure competitive finance offers more quickly and easily, so you can focus on what’s important: growing your business.