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property investment book

The Property Investment Handbook

Download the Property Investment Handbook. Our comprehensive handbook is full of practical tips for those interested in property investment.

It includes:

  • Why choose property investment
  • Property investment risks
  • Research needed
  • What you can borrow
  • How much equity you need
  • How Lenders assess finance applications
  • Different finance options
  • And much more..

Equipment Finance Handbook

Download our free Equipment Finance Handbook. It includes everything you need to know about equipment finance.

  • What can be financed
  • Security required
  • The difference between different finance products
  • How to avoid the Headline Interest Rate Trap
  • What financial information is required
  • How to avoid expensive mistakes

And much more..

Home Finance handbook

Home Finance Handbook

Download the Home Finance Handbook. Whether you are looking to buy your dream home, renovate, or are a first home buyer, this information packed Handbook will help you navigate the world of home Home Finance.

It includes:

  • Home finance key requirements
  • What you can afford to borrow
  • Debt serviceability
  • Saving for a deposit
  • Ways parents can help
  • Information needed

And much more..

Fitout Finance Handbook

Download our free Fitout Finance Handbook.

This informative handbook has been written for business owners looking to finance the fitout of their business premises. It is full of helpful information including:

  • What can be financed
  • How Fitout Finance works
  • How to plan your Fitout
  • The finance process
  • Financial information required

And much more..

Motor Vehicle Finance Handbook

Download our free Motor Vehicle Finance Handbook that is packed full of practical tips for those who use their vehicle primarily for business purposes, including:

  • Motor vehicle buying traps
  • Understanding the true cost of finance
  • The different types of finance and products
  • Research
  • Buying new or second hand
  • Buying through a dealership vs. privately
  • The Personal Property Security Register

And much more..

Fitout Finance for Restaurants and Cafes Handbook

Download our free eBook, Fitout Finance for Restaurants and Cafes. Written specifically for owners of Restaurants and Cafes to help them successfully navigate the world of Fitout Finance. This information packed eBook includes:

  • Planning your fitout
  • What can be be financed
  • How Fitout Finance works
  • The benefits of Fitout Finance
  • The financial information required
  • Insurance

And much more..