Experienced Retail Business Finance Broker

Contact The 500 Group, Retail Business Finance Broker if you need a Retail Business Loan.

We understand retail, its unique features, and challenges. We can help you access finance that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our experienced team understands not only finance, but importantly business. We have access to over 40 Lenders (including the major Banks) which means we offer more options & loan approval pathways.

Why You Need a Retail Business Finance Broker

Lenders are not all the same. They all have differing policies, pricing, and willingness to lend.

The loan application process can be complex and time consuming.

If you need a Retail Business Loan, the keys to a successful outcome are:

  • Preparation
  • Ensuring you present your business and request in the best possible light
  • Knowing which Lenders to approach for the type of financing you require

When you engage our Retail Business Finance Broker to seek finance on your behalf, at the outset, we will complete a Bankability Assessment.

This powerful process establishes what you can borrow, removes uncertainty, and puts you in control.

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Greg Pierlot

Retail Finance Specialist

    Why Choose our Retail Business Finance Broker?

    At The 500 Group we specialise in business finance. It is what we do well and enjoy.

    Because most of our retail business clients also have equipment, motor vehicle, home and/or investment finance, our team includes specialists in each of these segments.

    This is important as Lenders assess finance requests in granular detail. You need to demonstrate you can service not only your Retail Business Loans, but all other borrowings you may have.

    Having in-house specialists means whatever type of finance you require; we can ensure it works as part of a total finance package.

    It also means we can act as your primary contact for all your financing needs & reduces the need to continually explain your business to different Lenders.

    Retail Industry Experience

    Our Retail Business Finance Brokers have worked with a wide range of retail businesses including:

    Industry Experience
    Apparel – Clothing
    Women’s Fashion
    Fitness Clubs
    Petrol Stations
    Industry Experience
    Food & Groceries
    Personal Services
    Motor Vehicle Dealerships

    Every business is different. We will ensure we understand your business and its unique characteristics before approaching Lenders.

    Types of Finance

    Our Retail Business Finance Broker can help you access finance for a wide range of purposes including:

    Business Growth & Acquisitions
    Purchase Business Premises
    Stock Purchase
    Cash Flow
    Equipment & Motor Vehicles
    Finance Restructures
    Premises Fitout
    Trade Finance
    Home Purchase
    Property & Investment

    Individual loans cannot be treated in isolation. They must be part of a financing package that works for your business. This is where our experience and expertise can make a difference.

    Get in Touch to Learn More

    Over the past three years, the retail industry in Victoria has faced many challenges.

    However, despite these challenges, retailers have proven to be resilient with many pivoting to find new ways of attracting and engaging customers.

    While Lenders are cautious in times of uncertainty, finance is still available providing you can demonstrate serviceability & address any other concerns Lenders may have.

    If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you access the finance you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.