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Fitout Finance Melbourne

There is no substitute for experience with Fitout Finance due to the many different elements involved that must be carefully managed. Organisation and attention to detail are critical.

Our dedicated Fitout Finance Expert will work closely with your team to deliver a finance solution tailored specifically to your business and situation.

Fitout Finance caters to a wide array of businesses, including:

Fitout Finance is used by many different types of businesses, including:

  • Professional Services
  • Medical Practices
  • Dental Practices
  • Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics
  • Retail Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Factories
  • And much more

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    Because every business and industry is unique,  it is critical that the finance is structured to the needs and cash flow of the business.

    Rather than an “off-the-shelf” solution, our Fitout Finance Expert will work closely with your team to tailor a finance package that works!

    Preserve Your Cash Flow with Fitout Finance

    While fitouts for business premises are often necessary, they can incur substantial costs, potentially depleting crucial cash flow. Fitout Finance offers an alternative approach:

    • Loans are typically 3 to 5 years with no residual
    • Fixed interest rates and repayments for easier budgeting
    • Tax deductibility for depreciation and interest (or rental payments if structured as a Rental)

    Unravelling Fitout Finance - Your Comprehensive Guide

    Given the complexity of Fitout Finance and its numerous variables, our Fitout Finance Expert has crafted the Fitout Finance Handbook. This invaluable resource is available for free download and contains practical insights on:

    It is free to download and is full of insights and practical tips including:

    • Planning
    • How Fitout Finance works
    • The Finance Process
    • Required Financial Information
    • Insurance
    • And much more

    What Can You Finance?

    The range of financeable items is extensive, encompassing elements like:

    Cabinetry & Finishes

    Tiling and Floor Coverings

    Floating Floors

    Mezzanine Floors

    Internal Walls and Screens

    Lighting & Electrical


    Security Systems


    And More

    If you’re uncertain about what can or can’t be financed, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Fitout Finance Expert in Melbourne.

    Complementing Your Fitout with Equipment

    Businesses often acquire additional items alongside their premises fitout, including:



    Tables and chairs


    Display Cabinets


    Culinary equipment

    Phone systems

    Alarm Systems


    Board Room tables and chairs

    Barstools and couches

    Computer equipment

    Filing cabinets

    Delivery Vans

    Motor Vehicles

    Why Choose The 500 Group

    The 500 Group specialises in facilitating finance for business owners. Beyond Fitout Finance, our in-house team of specialists can also assist with:

    • Business Finance
    • Equipment Finance
    • Motor Vehicle Finance
    • Home and Property Investment Finance

    Our expertise allows us to serve as a one-stop contact point for all your finance needs. As your finance partner, we enable you to focus on growing your business and building wealth.