There’s more to finding the right business loan structure than competitive interest rates.

Negotiate a great deal, structure your business loan the right way, and get a quick ‘yes!’ for your ideal business loan today.

Control your destiny

Take charge and get the right business loan structure, pricing, and terms for you.

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Rest easy knowing your loans match your unique circumstances and objectives.

Enjoy greater freedom

Maximise your success with professional loan structuring advice and negotiation.

A business loan structure that works harder for you means no unnecessary or excess security that restricts your future flexibility and opportunities.

It’s about matching your cash flow and risks with the loan repayment amount, frequency, and terms.

You don’t want your loan structure to be unduly onerous, include terms you can’t meet, or have inappropriate covenants, undertakings, or negative pledges, as these can trigger loan reviews and defaults.

And you don’t want your loans to come with hidden fees that are easy to ignore when you’re comparing headline interest rates.

We can help.

Why it’s important to maximise your negotiating power

When you maximise your negotiating power, you secure the ideal mix of business loan structure, pricing, and terms available for all your loans.

Our professional loan structuring advice and negotiation services give you access to:

  1. A wider range of lenders, greater knowledge of their products and visibility of any lender nuances that may affect your business.
  2. Key lending managers selected for their commercial acumen, can-do attitude, and quality service.
  3. Finance market knowledge that brings competitive tension and greater negotiating power to the table.
  4. Expert advice and guidance for commercial loan structuring, the right loan structure for your investment property, and the best way to structure your home loan when you’re a business owner.