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Understand Your Balloon Payment Options

What are my Balloon Payment Options?

The Balloon Payment (or Residual) is the final payment needed to finalise an equipment or motor vehicle finance contract. Business owners and individuals often prefer to include a Balloon Payment in their finance contract to reduce their monthly repayments.

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Use PPSR To Avoid Disaster When Buying A Second-hand Car

Avoid Disaster When Buying a Second-Hand Car!

The Personal Property Security Register is a national (government) online register designed to protect consumers buying a car, boat and even artworks. If a motor vehicle is financed, the Lender will register a charge over the motor vehicle to secure the loan By undertaking a…

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Choose Your Own Car With Novated Leasing

Understanding Novated Leasing

Novated Leasing is a popular, and often a financially attractive way employees can lease a car from their pre-tax income. This is known as salary sacrificing. By paying the lease from pre-tax income it in effect also reduces your taxable income.

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Checklist The Difference Between A Chattel Mortgage And Finance Lease

Chattel Mortgage or Finance Lease?

The main way a Chattel Mortgage differs from a Finance Lease is ownership of the asset. With a Chattel Mortgage, the lender advances the borrower the money to buy the asset and registers a "mortgage" over the asset as security for the loan. When the…

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