The Importance of Checking Your Credit Score

Securing finance for essential equipment is vital for business growth, regardless of company size. The right financing can enhance operations and productivity, but your credit score is a crucial factor influencing approval chances. Lenders, whether traditional banks or specialised financing companies, often scrutinise credit scores when evaluating loan applications. Your credit score serves as a [...]

Salary Packaging an Electric Vehicle

It is now far more affordable to salary package an electric vehicle. The cost difference between electric and petrol/diesel vehicles has been a major factor in Australia’s slow adoption of electric vehicles. The Federal Government introduced legislation in July 2022 to significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles for Australians. Employers who allow current employees [...]

5 Business Loans that don’t need property security

Business finance has changed significantly over the past decade. There is now a wider range of Specialist Lenders who provide finance solutions to business owners. The following are 5 types of business loans that don't need property security: Unsecured Business Loan Cash Flow Finance Invoice Finance Equipment Finance Trade Finance I have outlined the key [...]

Should I refinance my borrowings?

Many businesses and homeowners are asking the question, "should I refinance to get a better deal"? (This is not surprising given the recent rapid rate increases with the prospect of more to come). According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, "the value of borrower refinancing of owner-occupier housing loan commitments between lenders rose 9.7 per [...]

  • Sharon Piening
  • 12 September, 2022
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The Pros and Cons of Equipment Financing in 2022

With interest rates rising, and uncertainty around the near- term outlook, it can be tempting to put off Equipment Financing decisions. Supply chains have been disrupted, interest rates are rising, and business input costs, particularly petrol and gas, are increasing. In these circumstances, it is easy for business owners to delay purchasing the equipment they [...]

Sale and Lease Back of Equipment

Sale and leaseback of equipment is a financial option available to businesses that is something of a hidden secret! It provides businesses with the opportunity to raise funds against business assets that they have purchased and inject funds back into the business. However, the timing of the loan application and drawn down is crucial. Why [...]

What is a Credit Score and Why is it Important?

When you seek to borrow money your credit score is important! Your credit score is one of the key considerations used by Lenders to decide whether they should lend you money, on what terms and at what rate. It is a valuable asset, that needs to be monitored and protected. What is included in your [...]

The Advantages of Leasing Equipment

Leasing equipment is a great strategy many business owners use to increase productivity and maintain their competitive advantage. In the past, upgrading equipment or technology was prohibitively expensive and beyond the reach of many businesses. However, this is no longer the case. Small and medium businesses can now access equipment and technology, that previously was [...]

Why you should use an Equipment Finance Broker

A question I am often asked is why should I use an Equipment Finance Broker? What are the advantages and how will I benefit? Using an Equipment Finance Broker offers many benefits and advantages including: Equipment Finance Broker Advantage - More Choice! By using an Equipment Finance Broker, you have more Lenders competing for your [...]

Equipment Broker Advantage Infographic

As outlined in the Equipment Finance Broker Advantage Infographic, there are five critical reasons to consider using a Specialist for Equipment Finance. These include: Greater choice Highly competitive interest rates Increased negotiation power Avoiding expensive mistakes Repayments structured to cashflow If you are thinking about purchasing equipment, and would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to make [...]