5 Business Loans that don’t need property security

Business finance has changed significantly over the past decade. There is now a wider range of Specialist Lenders who provide finance solutions to business owners. The following are 5 types of business loans that don't need property security: Unsecured Business Loan Cash Flow Finance Invoice Finance Equipment Finance Trade Finance I have outlined the key [...]

Commercial Investment Property Finance

Commercial Property has traditionally proven a sound investment for investors in Australia for over a long period. However, while things appeared relatively positive in the last quarter of 2021, a lot has changed since then. According to the ANZ-Property Council Survey released in July 2022, uncertainty regarding the economy, rising interest rates and concerns about [...]

Best Practice for Business Owners – Real Time Accounting

Real time accounting offers many benefits for business owners! It is something we implemented at The 500 Group and advocate to our clients. From a business perspective, real time accounting: Puts you in control Provides “real time” financial information to help you make more informed business decisions Saves time and significantly improves productivity When it [...]

Information Required by Lenders to Process Loan Requests

The biggest issue which results in a frustrating, lengthy and time-consuming loan approval process, is information required by Lenders to process loan requests not being provided upfront by applicants and/or in an incorrect format. Information Required by Banks - Treat Requests Like a Tennis Match To facilitate a faster turnaround when the Lender requests information, [...]

The Right Business Finance Structure

While the cost of finance is important, ensuring you have the right business finance structure is even more critical. When a finance structure is incorrect, it can have serious implications for a business. Business operations can be impaired and relationships with Lenders strained, not to mention how time consuming, and costly, it can be to [...]

Good Customer Outcomes – Refinancing Not the Best Solution

Providing Lenders and Brokers work together, the Broker involvement should not necessarily result in refinancing to another institution. With the right mindset on the part of both parties, Finance Brokers can help Lenders retain & improve their existing client relationships. Situation We were recently approached by an experienced small business owner to assist with refinancing [...]

Accessing Finance – a Challenge for Small Business

During the past week the Small Business Ombudsman, Kate Carnell, highlighted the issues facing small business when seeking loans. In an interview in the Financial Review, she said "as much as Banks will say we have plenty of money to lend and they have, the problem is the Banks have a huge risk aversion and [...]

Green Shoots of Recovery?

As Melbourne gradually opens for business, are we starting to see the green shoots of recovery as business owners shift their focus from survival, to rebuild and growth. Whilst many businesses and individuals have been severely impacted by COVID-19, the green shoots of a recovery are finally starting to appear! Stronger Recovery says Commonwealth Bank! [...]

MFAA Excellence Awards 2020 – Equipment Finance Broker

We are delighted to announce our team member, Sharon Piening has been selected as the Victorian Equipment Finance Broker of the year for 2020 as part of the MFAA Excellence Awards. This is richly deserved recognition for someone who is exceptionally client focused The MFAA Excellence Awards are given to Finance Brokers who "display exceptional [...]

How to Set Goals You Will Achieve!

The new year is a time when we often reflect and set goals for the coming year. These can be both business and personal goals. However unfortunately research (& lived experience) demonstrates that whilst we may start out with great intentions, far too often our goals fall by the wayside as life takes over! Why [...]