How to Set Goals You Will Achieve!

  • 27 November, 2019
  • Greg Pierlot

The new year is a time when we often reflect and set goals for the coming year. These can be both business and personal goals.

However unfortunately research (& lived experience) demonstrates that whilst we may start out with great intentions, far too often our goals fall by the wayside as life takes over!

Why We Fail to Achieve the Goals We Set

There are many reasons why we fail to follow through and achieve the goals we set but can include:

  • The goal wasn’t really that important
  • It was unrealistic
  • We set too many goals
  • The goal was vague
  • It couldn’t be measured
  • We lacked a plan as to how we would achieve the goal
  • And more…..

To set goals that you will achieve we suggest:

Goals need to be Important and Meaningful

A major reason we fail to achieve the goals we set is that they simply are not important enough to us at a personal level.

The goal needs to be meaningful. It needs to be a goal we truly want to achieve.

If it lacks importance or meaning our motivation will be low and it will quickly fall by the wayside!

If the goal is not at least an 8 out of 10 – find another goal!

Goals require a Dash of Reality

Whilst stretching goals help us grow and expand our thinking, it is important we feel they are achievable.

If your vision is huge – chunk it down into smaller goals/steps. This will help avoid a sense of overwhelm and help you gain a sense of momentum.

Goals need to be Specific!

Fuzzy goals lead to fuzzy outcomes. Goals need to be specific! How much, what and by when!

Vague fuzzy goals will never provide the motivation or direction needed to achieve the outcomes you are seeking.

For both business and personal goals, they need to be specific!

Focus on Behaviours!

A key when setting goals, is to build them around the specific behaviour needed to accomplish the goal.

To achieve a goal, you will need to take action. What is the highest payoff action you can take that will move you towards the goal?

How often and when will you complete that action?

One Goal – Laser Focus!

At the start of the year when feeling a bit reenergised, we can fall into the trap of setting too many goals!

We diffuse our focus and energy and become disheartened when after a number of months when we seem no closer to our goal than when we started.

Be it business or personal – pick ONE goal! The most important goal. Focus on that!

Directing your energy & focus towards one goal will significantly increases the likelihood of success.

You will gain a sense of momentum and as you move forward confidence that you can achieve what you set out to do!

When that goal has been attained – then focus on the next most important goal!

Create a Process & Trigger to Help You Succeed!

Systems and habits are keys to success in business and life.

Whatever your goal – create a system so you can perform the needed behaviour easily.

A system takes less energy. It is more efficient. It makes it easier to get started and is repeatable.

Also create a trigger – When “X’ occurs I take this goal related action.

Trigger events create habits. Positive habits create momentum. Momentum leads to success.

Be Accountable – Share Your Goal!

Whilst we would all like to believe we have iron discipline and once we set a goal, we will do all that is needed to achieve it – the reality is, we are human and life can take over!

We start to slip, and then another good intention goes by the wayside!

If you are serious about achieving your goal – make a commitment and share it with someone else. Someone you can rely on to check in and help keep you accountable!


Goals that we set which are important to us at a personal level can be a fantastic motivator both in our business and personal lives.

They give us a sense of direction and can act as a compass as we go about our daily activities.

Importantly like a lot in life – it is not so much the end result from which we derive benefit but the journey we undertake to get there!

Enjoy the process and best wishes for an amazing 2020!