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Unveiling The Mystery Of Finance Broker Commissions

Five Myths about Finance Broker Commissions

There has been a lot of speculation flowing from the Banking Royal Commission about Finance Broker commissions and in particular whether trail commission should continue to be paid. However, this misunderstands the role of a Finance Broker and what they bring to the table for…

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Delivering Good Customer Outcomes Makes Business Sense

The Pathway to Good Customer Outcomes

No business can survive long term if it does not deliver good customer outcomes! The key word here is outcomes – every business does, or should be, looking to deliver good outcomes its customers. When the focus becomes anything else, selling a product or service,…

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Best Wishes For An Amazing G Festive Season From The 500 Group

Seasons Greetings from The 500 Group

Throughout the year it has been the people we engage with that makes it all worthwhile! In particular, we would like to thank our amazing clients for their fantastic support. We look forward to working with you again in 2019 and beyond! We would also…

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Use Pocketbook To Create A Home Loan Budget

Track Your Spending with Pocketbook

Pocketbook is a free App developed in Australia that people can use to understand and monitor their spending patterns. Recently, we have outlined how Banks look at applicants’ monthly expenditure in granular detail, when assessing home loan affordability. They do this by going through your…

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