Understanding Lending Against A Business

Lending against a business!

A question we regularly get asked by business owners is what do Banks need to consider before lending against a business? Another common question is - what key criteria do I need to meet so that I can have my home removed from the Banks…

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Goods Being Purchased Using Import Finance

Understanding Import Finance

When importing equipment for your business, it’s important to understand the steps involved, particularly if import finance is required. Import Finance is a solution used to purchase equipment from offshore. For many businesses, importing equipment is a way to maintain a competitive edge and improve…

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Leasing Equipment - Manufacturing Equipment

Leasing Equipment – What you must know!

Leasing Equipment can be a great way to get the equipment you need to sustain your productivity and: Sustain your competitive advantage Ensure you can compete in an increasingly cut throat global marketplace Save working capital Better manage cashflow Keep abreast of changing technology Leasing…

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Prospa Groundbreakers | Sharon Piening

We are delighted that one of our team, Sharon Piening, features in this month MFAA Prospa Groundbreakers Series Sharon worked for many years in Asset Finance with one of Australia's Banks but two years ago she decided to follow her heart, establish her own business…

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