Fitout Finance Traps To Avoid

Fitout Finance Traps to Avoid!

When arranging finance for the fitout of your business premises there are several Fitout Finance traps to avoid. Fitout Finance is complex and specialised. It is easy to make expensive mistakes, or if the Financier is not experienced in the field, waste an enormous amount…

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Premises Fitout – Five Critical Steps

I love assisting my clients with their business premises fitout. There is nothing better than seeing a well thought-out and planned fitout come together! However, business premises fitouts are far from straightforward.  A lot can go wrong if not approached the right way! A dream…

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The Household Expenditure Measure Is Used To Assess Home Finance Applications

The Household Expenditure Measure

During the Banking Royal Commission there was a heavy focus given to the Banks' use of the Household Expenditure Measure when assessing Home Finance applications. Some Lenders were criticised for over-reliance on the tool, rather than undertaking analysis of an applicant’s monthly expenditure.

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Download The Home Finance Handbook

The Home Finance Handbook – Free eBook

If you are buying a new home, upgrading or undertaking major renovations, download our free eBook - The Home Finance Handbook. The residential finance market has changed considerably over the past two years. This has come about because of the Banking Royal Commission, the softening…

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Open Banking Unlocks Possibilities For Customers

Open Banking Has Arrived!

The missing "piece of the puzzle" was your track record and how you had conducted your accounts. This made it hard those with a good credit and transactional account history, to enjoy the full benefits of their positive behaviour.

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