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Understand Assessment Interest Rates

Home Loan Assessment Rates

When you apply for finance to purchase a home or investment property, Lenders will assess your application both on the actual interest rate and importantly, their Home Loan Assessment Rate. It is also applied to both new and most existing borrowings. (An Affordability Margin is…

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Why You Should Use A Finance Broker

Why use a Mortgage Broker?

Many people wonder why they should use a Mortgage Broker instead of dealing with a Bank direct. Even though there are thousands of Mortgage Brokers across Australia, what they do and the value they provide is not well understood. Whether you're looking to buy a…

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Finance Equipment Or Pay Cash

Finance Equipment or Pay Cash

A question business owners often ask, is it better to finance equipment or pay cash? While it may appear on the surface that paying cash rather than using finance is the better option if you have the funds available, there are advantages and disadvantages to…

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