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Download The Property Investment Handbook

The Property Investment Handbook

The Property Investment Handbook was launched today. The Handbook is a guide for both new and experienced property investors. If you are thinking about investing in property, or an experienced investor, download a free copy of our handbook.

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Sale And Leaseback Equipment

Sale and Lease Back of Equipment

Sale and leaseback of equipment is a financial option available to businesses that is something of a hidden secret! It provides businesses with the opportunity to raise funds against business assets that they have purchased and inject funds back into the business. However, the timing…

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Avoid Business Premises Fitout Mistakes

Business Premises Fitout – What You Need to Know

Before working in finance my eyes were opened to the complexity involved with business premises fitout when I worked for a major retail group. I was responsible for the display of merchandise in new retail premises across Victoria and quickly became aware of the many…

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Understand Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing Explained

Many people in Australia use negative gearing to build long-term wealth. It is, however, not without risks, and it is critical to understand how it works before embarking on this journey. In this post, I'll focus on using negative gearing to purchase investment property, however,…

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Understand Key Property Investment Risks

Key Property Investment Risks

It is easy to overlook important investment property risks in an environment where values have been steadily increasing They may not be immediately apparent, but they do exist and should not be ignored:

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Leasing Equipment Advantages

The Advantages of Leasing Equipment

Leasing equipment is a great strategy many business owners use to increase productivity and maintain their competitive advantage. In the past, upgrading equipment or technology was prohibitively expensive and beyond the reach of many businesses. However, this is no longer the case. Small and medium…

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