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ATO Payment Plans The Pros And Cons

ATO Payment Plans – The Pro’s and Con’s!

Recently we have noticed an increasing number of business owners either entering ATO Payment Plans or considered it in consultation with their accountants. It could be coincidental; however, it would not be too far- fetched to assume it is in part due to the current…

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Understand Debt Restructuring

Debt Restructuring – Business Best Practice

Debt Restructuring becomes necessary because business is dynamic. As a business grows, its financing structure often doesn’t reflect changes within the business. Too often finance is provided to meet a need at a particular point in time without taking into context the overall group position.…

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Delivering Good Customer Outcomes Makes Business Sense

The Pathway to Good Customer Outcomes

No business can survive long term if it does not deliver good customer outcomes! The key word here is outcomes – every business does, or should be, looking to deliver good outcomes its customers. When the focus becomes anything else, selling a product or service,…

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