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Set Goals To Succeed

How to Set Goals You Will Achieve!

The new year is a time when we often reflect and set goals for the coming year. These can be both business and personal goals. However unfortunately research (& lived experience) demonstrates that whilst we may start out with great intentions, far too often our…

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ATO Payment Plans The Pros And Cons

ATO Payment Plans – The Pro’s and Con’s!

Recently we have noticed an increasing number of business owners either entering ATO Payment Plans or considered it in consultation with their accountants. It could be coincidental; however, it would not be too far- fetched to assume it is in part due to the current…

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Debt Restructuring Involves Strategy

Debt Restructuring – Business Best Practice

Another reason to ensure debt is correctly structured is that a number of Banks now separate their business and personal lending functions in relation to business clients. Regardless of debt size, borrowing history, the Business Bankers and Business Banking Centres in the affected Banks, can…

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The Banking Royal Commission Introduced A Lot Of Change

The Banking Royal Commission

It is now 6 weeks since the Banking Royal Commission Report was delivered to the Government. With all the emotion, media and public interest in the Commission findings, we decided to let the dust settle before providing our views. In the days and weeks following…

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