St Mary’s House of Welcome

  • 29 March, 2019
  • Sharon Piening

The team from The 500 Group were delighted to spend time at St Mary’s House of Welcome this week cooking and serving meals for the community they serve.

St Mary’s House of Welcome was established by the Daughters of Charity to assist the disadvantaged in our community by providing meals and a safe place.

St Mary’s House of Welcome – Caring & Practical Support

The Sisters of Charity originally came to Australia in 1926 and since then have been serving the less well-off in our community.

At their Brunswick Street, Fitzroy site, they currently assist up to 200 people a day by:

  • Providing emergency assistance
  • Serving breakfast and lunch six days a week
  • Offering free shower and toilet facilities
  • Providing free internet access and computer training
  • Assistance to develop life, social, and work skills
  • Plus more

Why we became involved

Like so many organisations throughout Australia that deliver support and services to the disadvantaged, St Mary’s House of Welcome relies heavily on donations and individuals giving freely of their time.

They are supported by 167 volunteers, corporates and even schools to ensure delivery of the services they provide.

We became involved because we saw this was a very practical way we could give back to the community. To support an organisation doing wonderful, and much needed, work.

What happens on the day!

After arriving you are greeted and given a briefing by the St Marys House of Welcome team.

Immediately, we were given instructions and then commenced food preparation, preparing the salads, meat, bread and finally setting up tables.

The time flew by, no sooner than we finished preparation, it was time to start cooking and then the guests arrived!

In a very short time, the team on the barbecue had served over 130 guests!

But in the background, we were also washing dishes and putting things away.

What impressed us all was the brilliant organisation – everything ran to a tight schedule, like clockwork!


This was an amazing experience and makes one realise how fortunate most of us are in the lives we lead.

The team and volunteers at St Marys House of Welcome do a wonderful job supporting the less well-off in our community.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and encourage others in the community to get involved.