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Fitout Finance Broker for Restaurants and Cafes
Fitout Finance Broker for Restaurants and Cafes

Fitout Finance for Restaurants & Cafes – Experience the difference!

Fitout Finance for restaurants and cafes is specialised.

This does not mean it is more expensive, but it does require understanding:

  • The Fitout Finance market
  • What can be financed
  • Which Lenders have an appetite for particular types of transactions
  • How to optimise the process to avoid it becoming an administrative nightmare!

Planning is the key to a great outcome!

In business, the key to success is planning!

When it comes to the fitout of a restaurant or cafe taking some time to plan is critical.

There are many elements that need to be considered and carefully coordinated to ensure a successful outcome is achieved.

This extends to the feeling and ambience you are trying to create, layouts to enhance productivity, which suppliers to use, how much you can afford and much more!

To help you plan, download our Free – Fitout Finance Handbook created specifically for restaurants and cafes.

The free eBook is full of practical tips to help you understand what is involved and to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible!

Pay cash or use Fitout Finance?

Using appropriately structured Finance to fitout your restaurant or cafe:

  • Spreads the cost over time
  • Preserves precious cashflow

Whilst it’s tempting to fund a fitout from cash resources, this can be a recipe for problems down the track.

The reason being, that once installed, the items are very specific to a business against which it can be difficult to obtain finance at a later date.

What can be Financed

Fitout Finance for restaurants and cafes can encompass a wide range of items including:


Bench tops

Fixtures and furnishings



Shelving and Racking


Security Systems

Point of Sale

And more…



Floor Coverings

Internal Walls



Curtains and Blinds


Access Highly Competitive Rates and Structures

By using The 500 Group you gain access to highly competitive rates and structures from our panel of specialist Fitout Finance Lenders.

As a borrower this allows you to enjoy the power of competition, delivering both choice and leverage!

Why use The 500 Group

Fitting out a restaurant or cafe not handled properly can be a time consuming process as it often involves a number of suppliers, trades and multiple invoices.

Our Fitout Finance Specialist, Sharon Piening, has been assisting restaurants and cafes with finance for over 20 years.

She can guide you through the process and coordinate payments, so you can focus on what is important – running your business.

If you have any questions, or want a highly competitive quote, don’t hesitate to give Sharon a call!

Sharon Piening - The 500 Group

Sharon Piening

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