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Ask About our Bankability Assessment
Ask About our Bankability Assessment

The 500 Group Bankability Assessment is designed to help business owners access the finance they need.

Many business owners are finding it is now a lot harder to readily access the finance they need.

The Loan and Bankability Assessment saves time and helps business owners avoid many of the pitfalls that lead to frustration and wasted time!

Why the 500 Group Bankability Assessment was created

For even experienced business owners, Bank policies and approach to lending can be confusing and opaque!

It is hard to know:

  • Where you actually stand with the Bank?
  • How they assess your loan request and what they focus on?
  • If the finance will be approved or renewed?
  • What pricing, terms and conditions will apply?
  • Your borrowing potential – both business and personally?
  • How much leverage or negotiating power you have?
  • What elements of your business, if changed, could deliver more choice, improved pricing and conditions?
  • The alternate options that exist should the Bank say no

The 500 Group Bankability Assessment is designed to help business owners answer these questions and put you in control!

How the Bankability Assessment Works

The Loan Bankability Assessment process is straight forward:

  • Following your initial contact, we will send you a detailed list of information we will require to assist with the Assessment.
  • This information will be reviewed by one of our experienced Commercial Financial Specialists.
  • A meeting will then be arranged so that we can understand more about your business, industry etc.

Having gathered all the necessary information, we will then use a suite of powerful, purpose-built tools we have developed to complete the Assessment.

What You Will Learn

Following completion of the Assessment we present our findings to you. You will learn:

  • Where you stand in the market
  • How Lenders assess finance requests
  • The options available
  • Likely pricing, terms and conditions
  • Your borrowing potential
  • Changes needed to improve your negotiation power, pricing, terms and conditions
  • Pitfalls to avoid

At this point you can decide whether you use what we provide to seek the finance yourself or engage The 500 Group to act on your behalf.

Bankability Assessment - The 500 Group

Why The Bankability Assessment?

In business, entering negotiations or making critical decisions without knowing where you stand, or the options available, is like trying to drive a car blindfolded!

The chances are it will not turn out well!

The Bankability Assessment will help you understand how the Banks assess your loan application and provide insights as to what is needed to enhance the prospects of approval, pricing, terms and conditions.

It can also help you avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary delays.

If you would like to learn more, call  give me a call!

Greg Pierlort - Commercial Finance

Greg Pierlot

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