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Business Finance Broker Tullamarine - The 500 Group
Business Finance Broker Tullamarine - The 500 Group

Business Finance Broker Tullamarine

If you own a business in Tullamarine and are looking for a Business Finance Broker, contact The 500 Group.

For many business owners, obtaining finance is a time-consuming and frustrating process.

Lender policies and requirements can be complicated. Unless you have a financial background it’s difficult to know:

  • Where you stand?
  • How Lenders view and assess your business?
  • If there is anything you could do to improve the prospects of approval, pricing, terms & conditions?

Furthermore, if you receive a finance offer from a Lender, you have no real basis to know if it is competitive.

Business Finance Broker Tullamarine – Take Control with the Bankability Assessment

If you want to take control and free up time, our Business Finance Broker Tullamarine can help.

To help you access the finance you need, at the outset we will complete a Bankability Assessment.

This powerful process:

  • Reveals how Lenders’ view and assess your business
  • Identifies issues, in advance, that may be of concern to Lenders
  • Confirms your borrowing potential – both business and personal
  • Allows different structures and pricing to be tested and considered
  • Provides the opportunity to rectify elements to improve pricing, terms, and conditions
  • Increases the prospects of approval

While The Bankability Assessment requires an investment of time it invariably results in far better outcomes for our clients.

The Bankability Assessment process also helps identify Lenders most suited to your situation and needs.

Business Finance Broker Tullamarine – Greater Choice & More Options

When you engage our Business Finance Broker Tullamarine to seek finance on your behalf, you open the door to:

  • Far greater choice
  • More options and approval pathways

Our Finance Brokers have access to over 40 lenders. This includes the major Banks, Specialists Lenders, and Fintech Lenders.

Lender policies and willingness to lend vary widely. They are not all the same!

The key is to choose the Lender(s) most suited to your business and situation.

Business Finance We Can Help You Access

The financing requirements of a business change as it grows or moves through different cycles.

Individual facilities cannot be viewed in isolation. To work, they must be part of a well-structured finance package. One that not only meets the immediate need, but is also aligned to what the business is looking to achieve in the longer term.

At The 500 Group, our Business Finance Brokers can help you access finance for:

Business Finance

Business Growth / Expansion

 Cash Flow Management

Purchase Business Premises


Business Finance

Working Capital

 Invoice Financing

Property Investment

Equipment Purchase

Importantly, we will also ensure your personal borrowings (Home Loans, Property Investment Loans etc) are structured to complement your business borrowings and not drain vital cashflow.

Equipment Finance Broker in Tullamarine – Manufacturing Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance and Manufacturing Equipment Finance requires experience and specialist knowledge.

There is more to consider than just obtaining a great rate.

In addition to a great interest rate, our Equipment Finance Broker in Tullamarine will help you:

  • Choose the right product and avoid expensive mistakes
  • Obtain a truly great rate from our panel of Lenders
  • Ensure it is correctly structured – allowing for installation, commissioning etc where needed
  • Get faster access to the equipment you need

Equipment Finance

Manufacturing Equipment

Commercial Equipment

Medical & Dental Equipment


Hospitality Equipment

Equipment Finance


Specialised Equipment

Yellow Goods

Office Equipment

Computers & Servers

If you need to import the equipment, we provide an end-to-end solution.

Our Equipment Finance Broker in Tullamarine can arrange a Trade Finance facility that converts to an Equipment Loan once the goods have been inspected by the Lender.

Home Finance Broker in Tullamarine

Because most of our business clients also have personal borrowings, (Home Loans, Property Investment Loans etc), we have an experienced Residential Finance Specialist as part of our team.

Our Home Finance Broker in Tullamarine will help you:

  • Organise all the information required by Lenders – to avoid unnecessary delays
  • Establish what you can afford to borrow
  • Access highly competitive finance from our panel of Lenders (which includes all the major Banks)
  • Manage the process through to settlement

He will explain all the options available and their merits.

Importantly, our Home Finance Broker in Tullamarine works closely with our Business Finance Broker to ensure the finance package will not adversely impact your business borrowings.

We can help you finance a new home, major renovations and property investment.

Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Tullamarine

Get fast access to the finance you need by contacting our Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Tullamarine.

To understand the true cost of financing a vehicle it is important to look beyond the headline interest rate.

While a great rate is essential, it is the total cost of the finance over the term that counts.

Often headline interest rates are offset by:

  • Additional fees or charges
  • A short maximum term making repayments unaffordable
  • Higher Balloon (Residual) payments meaning you pay more interest overall
  • A higher purchase price
  • Superseded or unpopular models which leads to a lower resale value

Our Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Tullamarine can help you with finance for:

Motor Vehicle Finance

Motor Vehicles & Fleets


Commercial Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Finance

Prime Movers & Trailers



(If you have held an ABN for 2 years, are GST registered, have a good credit rating, and own property, financials may not be required).

How Do Finance Brokers Get Paid?

Lenders pay Finance Brokers to compensate them for the cost of sourcing and delivering new finance opportunities.

We will recommend the Lender(s) we believe are most competitive and suited to your situation. We will also explain our reasons for the recommendation.

However critically, you decide whether or not to proceed.

Business Finance Broker Tullamarine – Change the Game!

Obtaining business finance can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

Trying to understand Lender requirements, negotiating terms, and evaluating competing offers can be overwhelming.

This is especially true when added to the demands of running a business!

At The 500 Group we specialise in and are passionate about, business finance. It is our core business.

Our Bankability Assessment and market access helps business owners enjoy greater leverage and better outcomes.

Get in touch to learn more about how our Finance Brokers can assist you access the finance you need.

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