Ferly Macahipay

Ferly is an accomplished broker assistant and finance professional with over 5 years of industry experience, including as a loan officer with the banks and loan processor for a mortgage broker. Her expertise in this field is characterised by her attention to detail, positive attitude, and willingness to learn. She is a highly motivated individual [...]

Sharon Piening

Sharon has over 25 years’ experience as a specialist equipment and motor vehicle finance expert. She has an extensive network of specialist lenders and provides financing solutions for businesses across various industries and asset types. Sharon’s known for her never-give-up attitude and sense of urgency when seeking finance approvals and great deals for clients. Her [...]

Greg Pierlot

Greg’s always been passionate about business and finance. With over 30 years of experience working across many industry sectors and business cycles, he appreciates how vital, daunting, and frustrating seeking finance can be for business owners. He’s made it his mission to help them secure the finance they need to grow their businesses and create [...]