Not for Profit

Financing for Not for Profit Organisations - Greater Choice

The 500 Group are privileged, through our panel of Lenders, to assist with financing Not-for-Profit organisations.

Not-for-Profits play a vital role providing services throughout Australia.

Many services would not be available if it were not for the passionate and committed people within the organisations striving to make a difference.

Whilst Not-for-Profit organisations need to be run using sound business principals, many, in part, fund their operations via a combination of grants, donations, fund raising, bequests, and importantly, teams of dedicated volunteers.

These elements set them apart from a normal business & necessitate an understanding of the sector when seeking finance.

Why use a Finance Broker for Financing Not-for-Profit Organisations?

When it comes to financing Not-for-Profit organisations, most people do not think of using a Broker.

However, by using The 500 Group to source finance, you gain access to over 40 Lenders and benefit from the gains that increased competition delivers.

While many Lenders are keen to support the Not-for-Profit sector, their policies, and terms, vary widely.

Once we understand your organisation & requirements, we:

  • Conduct research to identify Lenders best suited to your needs and organisation
  • Handle all negotiations on your behalf
  • Provide our recommendations and explain the reasons why they are appropriate

This can save an enormous amount of time while ensuring the finance solution is aligned to your requirements and is truly market competitive.

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Greg Pierlot

Not for Profit Finance Specialist

    The 500 Group Advantage

    The 500 Group specialise in business finance & equipment finance. We can assist with finance for:

    • Business growth
    • Purchase of business premises
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Invoice Financing
    • Equipment Finance
    • Motor Vehicle Finance

    Because our team also includes a highly experienced Home Finance Specialist, we can also help members of the organisation access finance for a new home, major renovations or property investment.

    Get Finance Ready - The Bankability Assessment

    While many Lenders are keen to support the Not-for-Profit sector, applications for finance are rigorously assessed just like any business borrowing.

    First impressions count. The keys to a successful outcome are:

    • Preparation
    • Addressing issues that may be of concern to Lenders
    • A concise and professional Finance Application

    Therefore, before approaching Lenders’, we complete a Bankability Assessment.

    This powerful process:

    • Reveals how Lenders’ view and assess your organisation
    • Identifies what you can afford to borrow and repay
    • Allows different options to be tested
    • Highlights issues that may be of concern to Lenders (some of which you may be able to address before the Finance Application is submitted)
    • Leads to better outcomes

    Get in Touch to Learn More

    Not-for-Profit Organisations play a vital role in Australia

    Their success is driven by groups of highly committed and wonderful people.

    However, accessing business finance can be a time consuming and frustrating process. Time that can be better spent by the people in the Not-for-Profit executing their core purpose.

    Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how our team can help you access the finance you require.