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Manufacturing Equipment Finance Broker
Manufacturing Equipment Finance Broker

Manufacturing Equipment Finance to Help You Grow and Complete!

When you are looking to increase production or maintain your competitive edge, securing the manufacturing equipment finance you need is crucial!

While the long-term benefits and profit make the investment worthwhile, it can be a challenge to raise the finance needed to make these upgrades.

For many businesses, the capital outlay to upgrade machinery can be a challenge, particularly where regular machinery updates or new technology is imperative to maintain your competitive advantage.

In new businesses, this can be even more challenging, considering that the business may not have enough history or enough start-up capital to buy the machinery needed.

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Manufacturing Equipment Finance - You Need a Specialist!

Highly Competitive Interest Rates
Repayments Structured to your cashflow
Obtain fast approval for Equipment Finance
Arrange Import Finance

Unlike many forms of finance – manufacturing equipment finance requires specialist knowledge.

It is not an area where generalists should play as Equipment Finance for manufacturers can be extremely complex and costly if the incorrect product, or structure, is chosen!

Whilst the cost of finance is important – other factors that need to be considered include:

  • Impact on cashflow
  • Seasonality
  • Ownership of asset
  • Tax
  • GST
  • Depreciation
  • Balloon payments
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Finance Product type
  • Over exposure to one Lender
  • Cross-collateralised security
  • Additional Fees and Charges

Importing Without the Headaches!

Importing machinery from overseas, whilst it can deliver significant cost savings, also introduces another level of risk.

To help you mitigate these risks we can assist by establishing a Trade Finance Facility.

When correctly set up, the Trade Finance Facility can ensure the supplier is only paid when the item is shipped! It can also cover loss of income arising from delays.

No two transactions are the same that is why specialist knowledge is needed.

Our Experience is the Difference!

At The 500 Group we specialise in Manufacturing Equipment Finance! It is our passion!

We can help you source highly, market competitive, finance from our panel of lenders – which includes all the major Banks!

Importantly, our 20+ years’ experience, means we understand that manufacturing and can tailor Equipment Finance specifically to your circumstances!

To learn more, about how I can help you acquire the Manufacturing Equipment you need, give me a call!

Sharon Piening - The 500 Group

Sharon Piening

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