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Experienced Hospitality Finance Broker Melbourne

Get in touch with our Hospitality Finance Broker Melbourne to access highly competitive and flexible finance solutions.

The 500 Group are business finance experts. We have experience working with clients involved in wide range of hospitality businesses.

A strength of the group is that we understand both finance and importantly, business.

We offer more options and pathways to approval because we have access to over 40 Lenders, including the major Banks.

Hospitality Finance Broker – Get in Touch

Hospitality Finance Broker

Greg Pierlot

Business Finance Expert

    Why Choose The 500 Group

    At The 500 Group, we provide our clients with a “one stop shop” for all their finance needs, both business and personal.

    Our team handle all your needs in-house, whether you need a business loan, equipment, a home loan, or are looking to create wealth through investment.

    Our Finance Specialists work together to provide a complete financial solution. One that ensures your business and personal loan repayment structures are affordable & do not drain vital cash flow.

    This provides peace of mind and saves you time.

    Because all your information is held on file, you also avoid the need to continually educate different Lenders and/or departments about your business as your needs change and evolve.

    Hospitality Finance Broker - How We Can Assist

    Our experienced Hospitality Finance Brokers Melbourne can help you access competitive and well-structured finance for:


    Business Expansion

    Purchase Equipment

    Premises Fitout

    Purchase Stock

    Invest in Technology


    Major Renovations

    Purchase Business Premises

    Cash Flow

    Home Purchase

    Property & Investment Finance

    How Much Can You Borrow - Where Do You Stand

    When seeking finance, it is critical to:

    • The type of finance you require
    • Know which Lenders are best suited to your business
    • Consider and test different options/structures
    • Demonstrate you can service and repay both your business and personal borrowings
    • Address, to the greatest extent possible, any concerns Lenders may have about aspects of your business
    • Present your request to Lenders in a concise and professional format

    When you engage The 500 Group to seek finance on your behalf, we will complete a Bankability Assessment before approaching the market.

    This powerful process establishes what you can borrow and the likely terms.

    It saves time, reduces uncertainty, leads to better outcomes, and puts you in control.

    Hospitality Finance Broker Industry Experience

    Industry Experience






    Industry Experience

    Fast Food


    Event Management


    Plus, more

    Find Out More - Get in Touch

    Over the past two years, the hospitality industry has faced many challenges.

    COVID 19, lockdowns, staff shortages and much more have wreaked havoc on the industry.

    However, despite these challenges many in the hospitality sector have proven to be resilient and highly innovative.

    Whilst Lenders have been cautious in the face of uncertainty, finance is still available.

    If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you access the finance you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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