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Home Finance Broker - Business Owner Finance

Our Home Finance Broker specialises in sourcing home finance, & Property Investment Finance, for business owners and their families.

We can help you access the finance you need to:

  • Purchase your dream home
  • Upgrade to another property
  • Undertake major renovations
  • Consolidate debt

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Carlo Colangelo

Home Finance Broker

    The Business Owner Home Finance Challenge

    Home Finance for business owners is more complicated than it is for wage earners.

    Unlike someone on a salary, business owners must demonstrate that, they can repay their business borrowing in addition to the proposed personal borrowings.

    Applicants must also show they can repay their borrowings if interest rates rise in the future. (Currently most Lenders add 3% to the actual interest rate)

    This is where our Home Finance Broker Melbourne’s understanding of business finance, can make an enormous difference.

    By working with our Business Finance Team, he will ensure that you satisfy Lender requirements and access the finance you need.

    The Home Finance Broker Melbourne Advantage

    When you engage our Home Finance Broker Melbourne to seek finance on your behalf, you open the door to:

    • Far greater choice (We have access to more than 40 Lenders, including all the major Banks)
    • Different Lender policies and structures
    • Increased competition between Lenders

    Lenders are not all the same. The key is to identify the Lenders that are not only competitive in terms of price, but have policies suited to the cash flow needs of the business.

    (For example; you may wish to accelerate repayment of non-deductible debt.)

    The Finance Application Process

    When seeking home or property investment finance, many experienced business owners are surprised by the amount of information required, as well as the granular assessment of living expenses.

    To avoid unnecessary delays and frustration, our Home Finance Broker Melbourne invest the time to help you get Home Finance ready, then manages the process through to settlement and beyond:

    Step 1

    What you are looking to achieve and how this relates with your business needs and cash flow

    Step 2
    Data Collection

    We provide details of all the information required by Lenders to assess your application

    Step 3
    Analysis & Research

    We analyse the data you provide & conduct research to find the most competitive offers

    Step 4

    We outline the options and explain the benefits of each You choose the preferred Lender

    Step 5
    Loan Application

    We prepare and submit a formal Loan Application to your preferred Lender

    Step 6
    Approval & Settlement

    We manage the process from loan approval to documentation and settlement

    Why Use our Home Finance Broker

    There is no substitute for experience when it comes to Home or Property Investment Finance for business owners.

    Understanding finance is not enough, you need to understand business.

    Our Home Finance Broker Melbourne has over 30 years’ experience in Finance Broking, Private Banking, and Senior Relationship.

    He can help you navigate the complexity and gain access to highly competitive and well-structured finance.

    He is practical, highly organised with great attention to detail.

    After settlement he will stay in touch, to be there for you as your needs change and evolve.

    Your Long-Term Finance Partner

    One of the most frustrating aspects of being self-employed is having to constantly educate different Lenders or departments about your business.

    At The 500 Group, because we have specialists in each of the business, equipment, and home finance segments, we provide our clients with one contact point for all their finance needs.

    We act as your long-term finance partner, freeing you up to focus on what is important, growing your business and building wealth.

    If you need Home or Property Investment Finance or would like to learn more about The 500 Group, don’t hesitate to get in touch.