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Commercial Equipment Finance Broker Melbourne

Contact our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker to take advantage of great rates and terms on a wide range of equipment.

With access to over 50 Lenders, you enjoy peace of mind knowing the finance is truly market competitive.

Just as no two businesses are the same, so it is with Lenders. What they are willing to finance, and their terms vary widely.

The key is to know which Lenders are most competitive and best suited to your needs.

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Sharon Piening

Equipment Finance Broker

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    The True Cost of Finance - Experience Matters

    Our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker has been helping business owners In Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria, access the equipment they need for more than 25 years.

    Equipment Finance is complex, and mistakes are expensive to unwind. There is no substitution for experience.

    While interest rates are important, it is the total cost of the finance over the term that matters.

    Often seemingly attractive interest rates are offset by:

    • Additional fees and charges
    • The loan structure including a large Balloon payment, which means you may more interest over the term
    • The equipment being an unpopular model or superseded
    • A short term which means repayments cause cashflow pain

    We will help you avoid the “Headline Interest Rate Trap” and access finance that is truly cost effective over the term.

    Greater Choice - Many Finance Options

    It is critical to be aware of the different options available when financing commercial equipment.

    In addition to new equipment, our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker can also arrange finance for:

    • Used equipment up to 20 years old (Excludes commercial kitchen – conditions apply)
    • Specialised equipment
    • Equipment purchased by Private Sale
    • Refinance of equipment at the end of term (conditions apply)
    • Sale and leaseback

    What We Can Finance?

    Construction Equipment

    Earth Moving Equipment

    Farming Equipment

    Heavy Machinery

    Commercial Kitchens

    Mining Equipment

    Energy Solar Equipment

    Choose the Right Product - Avoid Expensive Mistakes

    Because mistakes are costly to unwind, it is important to choose the right product at the outset.

    The options include:

    • Chattel Mortgage
    • Machinery Lease
    • Equipment Rental (ideal for fleets, equipment that depreciates quickly, or requires regular updates)

    The key differences include:

    • Chattel Mortgage or Machinery Lease – you own the asset and enjoy the GST, depreciation and tax benefits*
    • Equipment Rental – You rent the asset and claim the rental*

    (*In both instances what you can claim will be driven by the extent the asset is used for business purposes)

    The Right Structure to Prevent Cash Flow Pain

    The importance of the correct Loan structure cannot be overstated. For too often, finance is put in place without thought being given to the impact of repayments on the business’s cash flow.

    Our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker will ensure:

    • Repayments are tailored to your cash flow
    • Where needed, seasonality is taken into account
    • Sufficient time is allowed for installation and commissioning before repayments commence
    • Balloon Payments are correctly structured to minimise the potential for negative equity at the end of the contract

    We Do the Work - You Save Time

    When you engage our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker to obtain finance on your behalf – the process is straight forward:

    • Step 1 You tell us what you want to finance and provide background regarding your business
    • Step 2 We provide you with a list of the information that Lenders require (In some instances no financials may be needed)
    • Step 3 We conduct research to identify Lenders with the most competitive quotes and structures
    • Step 4 You accept the quote
    • Step 5 We manage the process through to settlement
    • Step 6 We stay in touch, & because we keep all your information on file, the process is even easier, if you need equipment in the future.

    One Finance Contact Point

    The 500 Group specialises in arranging finance for business owners. In addition to Equipment Finance It is what we love and do well.

    Because we also have experienced Brokers in the business and home finance segments, we offer our clients one contact point for all their finance needs.

    This means, if in addition to equipment finance, you need business, home finance or investment, we can handle it all in house.

    This saves you time, and reduces the need to continually educate different Lenders, or departments, about your business.

    We handle the finance, freeing you up to focus on and grow your business.

    If you would like a great quote, or want to learn more about The 500 Group, don’t hesitate to get in touch