Car Buying Service – A better way to buy your new car!

  • 13 June, 2018
  • Sharon Piening

Buying a car can be an exciting time, however you can make the process a lot easier and far more enjoyable by using a Car Buying Service.

I love the experience of driving a new car, but for many years disliked the process, particularly negotiating the price and trade-ins with car dealers.

The problem being that unless you have the time to do all the research, test drive vehicles and importantly understand how the car market works, you are really flying blind!

A number of years ago, when it came time to change over my car, a colleague suggested I try using a Car Buying Service.

From Car Buying Service Sceptic to Advocate!

At first I was very sceptical, it all sounded too good to be true!

However, because I found my last experience of the purchasing process to be so time consuming and frustrating, I thought I would give it a try!

Very quickly I moved from a sceptic to an advocate because:

  • It saved me an enormous amount of time
  • There were no high-pressure sales tactics
  • I was able to purchase the exact car with all the features I wanted with a minimum of fuss
  • The purchase price was much better than I could have achieved
  • Importantly, the service was provided at no cost – as the Car Buying Service is paid by the dealer who provides the vehicle

I found the process so beneficial in many ways I have now purchased my last 3 vehicles using a Car Buying Service and recommend it to my colleagues and clients!

Do it Right – By Using a Professional!

When you use a Car Buying Service you are using a professional – someone who:

  • Understands how the industry works
  • Can deliver vehicles for you to test drive to your home or work
  • Has access to car dealerships across Australia (This offers many benefits)
  • Can be used to purchase both new and used vehicles
  • Handles all the negotiation and paperwork on your behalf
  • Delivers the car you purchase to your door!

How the Car Buying Service Works – Step 1

The starting point is to decide the type of car you want to purchase and:

  • The style
  • Colour
  • Features (Leather Seats, … …. …)
  • Your budget
  • Etc.

(If you are unsure you can talk to the Buying Service Professional and they can make suggestions as to vehicles to consider that may suit your needs, lifestyle and budget).

Step 2 – Test Drive Without Obligation and Sales Pressure!

One aspect of the Car Buying Service I really appreciated was the ability to undertake a test drive without any sales pressure or obligation.

The car was delivered to my home.  I was then able to test drive the vehicle with a professional who could answer my questions, discuss options and costs etc.

Step 3 – The Car Buying Service does all the negotiation!

Armed with all the information you provide and your budget, the Car Buying Service then set about finding the car you want and handle all the negotiations.

If you have a trade-in they can handle that sale also as part of the transaction.

The advantage they have is that they can tap into dealerships across Australia – so you can be assured the price you pay will be truly market competitive.

(This is not unlike my role as a Motor Vehicle Finance Broker where I provide my clients access to financiers, including the major Banks, to deliver highly market competitive finance).

Step 4 – The Dealership is Paid

When the price has been agreed, the dealership is paid.

If you need finance for the car we can handle that for you and arrange payment.

Step 5 – The Car is Delivered to Your Door!

When payment has been made the Car Buying Service will deliver your new car to your door at a mutually agreed time!

Simple, easy with a minimum of hassle!


Using a Car Buying Professional totally changed the way I go about buying a motor vehicle.

If you are like me and live a busy life, or you want the new car experience without all the pressure and hassle, give me a call I will introduce you to the Car Buying Service that I recommend to my clients and colleagues.

Important – I recommend the Car Buying Service purely based on my personal experience. Neither I, nor The 500 Group, receive any payment or commission for introductions that we may make! Simply I believe it is a great service!

Finally,  should you need finance for the car, I would be delighted to provide you with a highly competitive quote!