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Business Finance Broker Rowville - The 500 Group
Business Finance Broker Rowville - The 500 Group

Business Finance Broker Rowville – More Options & Greater Choice

Did you know that by using our Business Finance Broker Rowville you will have access to over 40 Lenders, including all the major Banks?

Market access means greater choice, more options and increased competition for your business.

Greater competition can lead to better outcomes such as:

  • Greater flexibility
  • More competitive pricing
  • Improved terms and conditions

Commericial Finance Broker - Right Finance Structure and Lender

To be effective, a finance package must be tailored to the business’ current and future needs.

It must also be matched to a Lender whose policies & approach compatible with the business.

You can’t one without the other – you need both!

The ability to match your requirements with a suitable Lender is a key advantage of using our Business Finance Broker Rowville!

Business Finance - How We Can Help

The 500 Group you can help you obtain business financing for:

Business Finance

Business Growth / Expansion

 Cash Flow Management

Purchase Business Premises


Business Finance

Working Capital

 Invoice Financing

Property Investment

Equipment Purchase

Our team also includes an experienced Residential Finance Specialist. This is important because most of our business clients also have either a Home Loan and/or Property Investment Loans.

This means that we can:

  • Ensure that ALL of your borrowings are correctly structured
  • Meet all your needs in-house

Commercial Equipment Finance Rowville

If you need finance to purchase equipment, The 500 Group can help.

Our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker Rowville can assist you with finance for:

Equipment Finance

Manufacturing Equipment

Commercial Equipment

Medical & Dental Equipment


Hospitality Equipment

Equipment Finance


Specialised Equipment

Yellow Goods

Office Equipment

Computers & Servers

Industry Experience is Important

Our Broker team has over 100 years of combined experience in the finance/broking industry.

We have helped clients access finance across a wide range of industries including:

Industry Experience








Industry Experience

Professional Services


Business Services

Real Estate Agents

Environmental & Waste Disposal



No two industries are alike just as no two businesses are the same. Lenders expect Finance Applications to address the nuances of each industry. Our collective team experience helps enormously in this regard.

(If we don’t have experience in your industry, we will invest the time to learn before submitting the finance application).

The Finance Application Process

For Business Finance, (and larger Commercial Equipment Finance), the process we follow is:

  • Understand your business & financing needs
  • Obtain the information required by Lenders
  • Prepare a Bankability Assessment
  • Conduct research. Determine the Lender(s) best suited to your needs and business
  • Provide feedback and recommendations
  • You choose the preferred Lender(s)
  • Submit Finance Proposal to Lender(s
  • Letter of Offer – (Negotiation and fine-tuning if needed)
  • Settlement and ongoing support

The Bankability Assessment

The Bankability Assessment is a powerful process developed by The 500 Group to assist clients obtain the finance they need.

It analyses your business performance and allows different options and structures to be tested before approaching Lenders.

The Bankability Assessment also provides:

  • Insights into how Lenders’ view and assess your business
  • Highlights aspects of the business that, if changed, could result in better pricing, terms, and conditions.

The Bankability Assessment can save a significant amount of time and frustration. It also delivers better outcomes for our clients.

How Do Finance Brokers Get Paid?

Finance Brokers paid by Lenders for the introduction of new financing opportunities.

Following our analysis and research, we will make our recommendations as to the Lender(s) we believe are best suited to your business and what you are seeking. We will provide our reasons why.

However, you will make the final decision whether or not to proceed.

Take the First Step - Get in Touch

For many business owners, obtaining the finance they need a time-consuming and frustrating process.

If you don’t have a background in finance, Lender requirements & processes, can be confusing and opaque.

By using our Business Finance Broker Rowville, you can save time and gain access to well -structured and truly market competitive finance.

If you own a business in Rowville and want to learn more about how The 500 Group can assist you, get in touch.

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