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Business Finance Broker Moorabbin - The 500 Group
Business Finance Broker Moorabbin - The 500 Group

Business Finance Broker Moorabbin - Business Focused Finance

When business owners need finance, questions that often arise are, how much can I borrow, what will it cost, how long will it take, what security will be required?

With Business Finance or Equipment Finance there is much more that needs to be considered beyond the headline interest rate. For example, while cost is important, the finance needs to be correctly structured to avoid cash flow pain. Terms and conditions also need to be commercially realistic.

If you need finance, our Business Finance Broker Moorabbin, and Equipment Finance Broker in Moorabbin, answer these questions and help you access the finance you need.

Why Use Our Business Finance Broker Moorabbin

Our Business Finance Broker Moorabbin, (and Equipment Finance Broker in Moorabbin) not only understand finance, but importantly, business. Understanding finance is just one part of what is needed.

As Finance Brokers, we also offer far more choice. Instead of one Lender, you can access to over 40 Lenders, including all the major Banks.

This is important as Lender policies and willingness to lend can vary widely.

Greater choice provides you with increased flexibility and many more financing options.

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    Bankability Assessment - Be In Control

    To achieve better outcomes for our clients, at The 500 Group, before we approach Lenders for business or larger equipment finance, we complete a Bankability Assessment.

    This powerful process:

    • Establishes your borrowing potential
    • Let’s you see how Lenders’ view and assess your business
    • Details what you are seeking and any proposed security arrangements
    • Includes analysis of your business performance
    • Allows different scenarios and structures to be tested
    • Outlines likely pricing, terms, and conditions
    • Highlights elements which, if improved, could lead to better pricing, terms, or conditions

    (The advantage of the Bankability Assessment process is that it can help identify those Lenders most suited to your business and what you are seeking. This can save an enormous amount of time).

    How our Business Finance Broker Moorabbin Can Help

    Most business owner see finance simply as a tool to achieve what is important in their business or life.

    However, to work effectively and avoid costly restructures, the finance needs to be aligned to the needs of the business, both in the short and long-term.

    A repayment program that is too aggressive, does not allowing for seasonality, an incorrect product choice or loan structure, or onerous loan conditions, are just some of the issues that need to be avoided.

    Our experienced Business Finance Broker Moorabbin can help you avoid these pitfalls and access the finance you need for:

    Business Finance

    Business Growth / Expansion

     Cash Flow Management

    Purchase Business Premises


    Business Finance

    Working Capital

     Invoice Financing

    Property Investment

    Equipment Purchase

    Equipment Finance Broker in Moorabbin – Manufacturing Equipment Finance

    Equipment Finance and Manufacturing Equipment Finance requires specialist knowledge.

    Correct product choice, adherence to ATO guidelines, asset ownership, tax and GST all need to be considered to avoid expensive mistakes.

    Our Equipment Finance Broker in Moorabbin has been helping clients access highly competitive Equipment Finance and Manufacturing Equipment Finance for many years.

    She specialises in Equipment Finance and can help you access finance for:

    Equipment Finance

    Manufacturing Equipment

    Commercial Equipment

    Medical & Dental Equipment


    Hospitality Equipment

    Equipment Finance


    Specialised Equipment

    Yellow Goods

    Office Equipment

    Computers & Servers

    If the equipment you require needs to be imported, we can also arrange a Trade Finance Facility. When the goods has been landed and inspected by the Lender, it will convert to an Equipment Finance loan.

    Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Moorabbin

    If you have been trading for 2 years, have an ABN, own property and are registered for GS,T our Motor Vehicle Finance Broker Moorabbin can help you quickly access the finance you need.

    We will help you choose the right product to ensure ownership benefits (depreciation, tax and GST) are enjoyed.

    Whether it is one vehicle or a fleet we can assist with finance for:

    Motor Vehicle Finance

    Motor Vehicles & Fleets


    Commercial Vehicles

    Motor Vehicle Finance

    Prime Movers & Trailers



    Our Motor Vehicle Finance Broker Moorabbin will help you avoid common pitfalls associated with Motor Vehicle Finance:

    • A low headline interest rate masking the true cost of finance
    • Increased total finance costs due to a higher Balloon payment
    • Hidden fees or charges
    • Incorrect structuring resulting in negative equity

    Home Finance Broker in Moorabbin

    Many business owners have personal borrowings are part of their overall finance requirements.

    That’s why at The 500 Group, we have a Home Finance Specialist as part of our team. This means we can handle all your finance requirements in-house.

    Our Home Finance Broker in Moorabbin understands Home and Property Investment Finance.

    He can help you work through all the options available and importantly, ensure your personal finance structure complements your business borrowings.

    If you need finance to purchase a new home, for major renovations, or investment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Home Finance Broker in Moorabbin.

    How Do Finance Brokers Get Paid?

    Lenders pay Finance Brokers because to compensate for the work involved in sourcing, processing and introducing new financing opportunities.

    They are prepared to do this as it means their team need to spend less time, (and costs), prospecting for new clients.

    When you engage The 500 Group to seek finance on your behalf, we undertake analysis and research to identify the Lender(s) we believe most competitive and suited to your situation.

    While we provide our recommendations and reasons, you decide  whether or not to proceed.

    Why The 500 Group?

    The 500 Group are business finance specialists. It is what we love and do well.

    Because we have specialists in each of the key finance segments, we can handle all your finance requirements in-house.

    This means you are not continually having to explain your business and situation to different parties. Saving you time and frustration.

    Our team will take the time to understand your business and what you are seeking. We will then tailor a finance package specifically to your situation.

    We take the pain out of finance. We do all the research and negotiation on your behalf.

    If you own a business in Moorabbin, and would like to learn more about how our Finance Brokers can assist, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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