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Commercial Property Loan Broker Melbourne

Speak to our experienced Commercial Property Loan Broker if you want to raise finance against commercial property.

We can help you obtain highly competitive, and well-structured, finance from our panel of over 40 Lenders. This includes:

  • The major Banks
  • Non-major Banks
  • Non Bank Lenders that specialise in commercial property finance
  • Private Lenders

Our Loan Expert for Commercial Property opens the door to greater choice and options, ensuring a highly competitive finance offer.

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Greg Pierlot

Commercial Property Loan Broker

    Commercial Property Loan Broker - Industry Experience

    Commercial property can offer higher yields and longer lease terms than residential investment property. It can provideproperty asset diversification and exposure to different sectors of the economy.

    However, commercial property can be complex and there is no “one size fits all” solution. Understanding the sector and different Lender requirements is essential.

    Our Loan Broker for Commercial Property has assisted clients to arrange finance in the following sectors:

    • Major Shopping Centres
    • Retail
    • Offices & Professional Suites
    • Manufacturing – Industrial
    • Medical and Health
    • Warehousing
    • Restaurants and Cafes
    • Owner Occupied Commercial Property
    • Specialised Commercial Property
    • Plus, more

    Commercial Property Loans Melbourne - Loan Purpose

    We can help you raise finance against commercial property for a wide variety of purposes including:

    • Owner occupied business premises and/or warehousing
    • Investment purposes
    • To run or grow your business
    • Undertake major renovations (Typically a construction loan with progress payments)
    • Restructure or consolidate debt (including payout of ATO debt)
    • Purchase equipment
    • Fitout
    • Plus, more

    If you are unsure what can be financed, simply get in touch with our Commercial Property Loans Melbourne Broker.

    Key Commercial Property Loan Terms

    The terms Lenders are willing to offer for Commercial Property Loans can vary widely and are influenced by:

    • The equity you have, or can contribute (Purchase costs need to be met separately)
    • The location attributes
    • Competitor differentiation of the property
    • The industries (low, neutral or high risk) ofthe tenants)
    • The quality and spread of tenants
    • The Weighted Average Lease Expiry (WALE)
    • Environmental Risks on the property
    • Future capital expenditure requirements (minor or major)
    • Is the property is highly specialised
    • Potential alternate use of the property and cost for the alternate use
    • Likelihood of current or future space being leased
    • Terms of the lease agreements
    • If there is other external income separate to property

    To learn more, get in touch with our Commercial Property Loans Melbourne Broker.

    The Loan Application Process

    At The 500 Group we believe it is critical to know where you stand before approaching the market.

    This means to have:

    • Considered & tested different options available
    • Ensured the finance works in conjunction with other borrowings you may have (business and personal)
    • An understanding of likely pricing, terms & conditions
    • Addressed to the extent possible, issues that may be of concern to Lenders
    • Identified the Lenders most suited to the type of finance you are seeking
    • Prepared a quality Finance Proposal that contains all the key information Lenders require

    This is why, before approaching the market, our Commercial Property Loan Broker, Melbourne completes a Bankability Assessment.

    This powerful process addresses the foregoing issues, increases your negotiating power, and puts you in control so that what is offered is market competitive.

    Why Choose The 500 Group

    At The 500 Group, we specialise in arranging finance for business owners.

    We have helped many clients access commercial property loans across a wide range of industries.

    We understand both Commercial Property Loans and importantly, business.

    Our Commercial Property Loan Broker, Melbourne will do the research to identify Lenders most suited to your business and what you are seeking.

    We handle negotiations on your behalf and manage the process through to settlement and beyond.

    If you need Commercial Property Finance or want to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch.