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Commercial Loan Broker Melbourne

Are you a business owner needing finance but are unsure about using a Commercial Loan Broker?

Do you require finance for your business and are uncertain how to proceed, or importantly, how to ensure any finance offer is correctly structured and market?

This is where our Commercial Loan Broker Melbourne can help!

Why You Need a Commercial Loan Broker

Know Where You Stand

Identify Key Issues

Develop Strategies

Better Outcomes

When you approach a Bank or Lender direct, they can only offer you their product range and approve loans in line with their policies and willingness to lend.

There is also no real way to ensure any finance package is truly market competitive unless you invest time, conduct research, and submit your application to multiple Lenders.

When you use a Commercial Loan Broker:

  • You open the door to greater choice and more options
  • Save time and avoid a lot of uncertainty and frustration

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Greg Pierlot

Commercial Loan Broker

    Greater Choice – The Commercial Loan Broker Advantage

    At The 500 Group, our Commercial Loan Broker has access to more than 50 Lenders, including the all the major Banks and Specialty Lenders.

    This market access:

    • Increases competition, which delivers better structures, pricing, terms, and conditions
    • Provides the opportunity to enjoy benefits from differing policies of Lenders & their willingness to lend
    • Delivers more options and different approval pathways

    The Loan Application Process

    At The 500 Group, our Commercial Loan Brokers provide a complete, end to end solution:

    • We meet to understand your business and personal needs
    • You decide whether to engage The 500 Group to seek finance on your behalf
    • We provide details of the information required by Lenders to support the finance application
    • When the information is received, it is analysed, and we prepare a Bankability Assessment
    • Based on this, we provide feedback as to changes that could potentially enhance the prospects of approval, achieve better pricing, terms, and conditions
    • We then conduct research and seek initial indications of interest from Lenders
    • Feedback is provided as to likely structures, terms and pricing
    • A formal Finance Application is submitted to the preferred Lender(s)
    • Letter of Offer(s) is presented, and fine-tuning / negotiation completed
    • Letter of Offer is accepted
    • We manage the process to settlement, drawdown and beyond

    How Are Commercial Loan Brokers Paid?

    Commercial Loan Brokers are paid by the Lender that provides the finance.

    The Lenders do this as it helps Lenders reduce the significant sunk cost and long lead-times associated with prospecting for clients.

    Does Using a Broker mean I need to change Banks?

    We understand changing Banks can be disruptive – so where possible, we prefer to try and preserve a clients existing Bank relationship.

    However, this is not always possible for a variety of reasons.

    If change is required, our Commercial Loan Broker will provide guidance, and work with the chosen Bank, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Why Choose The 500 Group

    The 500 Group specialize in arranging finance for business owners.

    In addition to Business Finance this includes:

    • Equipment Finance
    • Motor Vehicle Finance
    • Home and Property Investment Finance

    Our team of experienced Brokers work together to ensure the finance is well structured and does not drain the business of vital cashflow.

    We offer our clients a complete finance solution and one contact point for all their finance needs.

    This saves time, and reduces the need to continually educate different Lenders, and/or Departments, about your business.

    If you would like to learn more about how our Commercial Loan Broker Melbourne may be able to assist you access the finance you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.