Business Finance Broker Epping

Business Finance Broker Epping

Do you need business finance, or commercial equipment finance, but are finding the process obtaining what you need, time consuming and frustrating?

Do you find Lender policies are opaque and confusing?

Are you tired of management changes that require you to constantly educate Lenders about your business?

Is it difficult to know where you stand and what you can borrow?

You are not alone. In fact, many business owners, in our experience, feel the same way!

Our Business Finance Broker Epping and Commercial Equipment Finance Broker can help you address these challenges, save time and access the finance you need.

Why Use our Business Finance & Commercial Equipment Finance Broker Epping?

At The 500 Group, we specialise in business finance. It is our core business and what we do well.

A key advantage of using our Business Finance Broker Epping, and Commercial Equipment Finance Broker, is that we can provide you access to over 40 Lenders.

This means greater choice, and more options to access the finance you require.

Our Lender panel includes all the major Banks, Specialist Lenders, and Fintech Lenders.

Different Policies and Pathways

While it can seem, all Lenders are the same, this is not the case.

Just as no two businesses are the same – so it is with Lenders!

Lenders’ willingness to lend can change depending on their strategy at any given time.

Some will be chasing growth, while others will focus on particular industries or sectors.

The key is to know which Lenders are right for your business and match what you are seeking.

Our market knowledge can help find the right Lender to suit your circumstances.

Know Where You Stand - The Bankability Assessment

Seeking finance and entering finance negotiations without first knowing where you stand is akin to driving a car blindfolded – you might be lucky, but it is unlikely to end well!

Therefore, before approaching Lenders for Business or larger Commercial Equipment Finance, we complete a Bankability Assessment.

This powerful process:

  • Can give you the opportunity to implement changes to improve your Bankability and negotiating power
  • Allows different loan structures and pricing to be tested in order to find the best solution
  • Determines your borrowing potential, both business and personal
  • Provides insights as to how Lenders view your business
  • Demonstrates your Bankability and where you stand in the market

Business Finance - How We Can Help

Our Business Finance Broker Epping can assist you with finance for:

Business Finance
Business Growth / Expansion
Cash Flow Management
Purchase Business Premises
Business Finance
Working Capital
Invoice Financing
Property Investment
Equipment Purchase

Commercial Equipment Finance Epping

Equipment Finance is highly specialised, and mistakes can be expensive to unwind.

Our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker Epping can help you access financing for:

Equipment Finance
Manufacturing Equipment
Commercial Equipment
Medical & Dental Equipment
Hospitality Equipment
Equipment Finance
Specialised Equipment
Yellow Goods
Office Equipment
Computers & Servers

When financing commercial equipment, there is more to than the headline interest rate that needs to be considered including:

  • The asset ownership
  • Correct product choice
  • Loan structure and cashflow impact
  • An appropriate Balloon payment
  • Avoiding negative equity
  • Tax and GST
  • Any additional fees and charges
  • Plus, more

Our Commercial Equipment Finance Broker Epping can help you navigate the complexity and avoid expensive mistakes!

Business Finance and Personal Finance

Correct structuring of personal borrowings (home loans, investment loans etc) is essential to ensure they do not drain the business of vital cashflow.

When Lenders assess a finance application, they look at the ability of the business to service both the business and personal borrowings.

For this reason, at The 500 Group, we have a highly experienced Home Loan Specialist as part of our team.

This means we can ensure that ALL your borrowings are correctly structured. Importantly it also means that we can handle all your financing needs, whether business or personal, in-house.

How are Finance Brokers Paid?

When you use a Finance Broker, they are paid by the Lender that provides the finance.

No payment is made if the finance is not approved.

As part of the research and loan application process, we will recommend the Lender(s) we feel are the most competitive and best suited to your situation.

Crucially however, you decide whether or not to proceed.

Get in Touch to Learn More

Through our market access, we can provide you with greater flexibility and more choice.

We do all the research, prepare the finance application and handle negotiations on your behalf. This can free up time and allow you to focus on running and growing your business.

Importantly we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. This means that we will stay in touch and will be there for you as your needs change and evolve.

If you own a business in Epping and would like to learn more about how The 500 Group can help you access the finance you require, don’t hesitate to get in touch.