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Contact Business Finance Broker Braeside
Contact Business Finance Broker Braeside

Business Finance Broker Braeside – Business Finance Specialists

Accessing business finance can be a major frustration for SME owners. It can absorb an enormous amount of time. Trying to compare and understand competing offers can be a nightmare!

Our Business Finance Broker Braeside can help you navigate this complexity and free up time to focus on what is important, growing your business.

Business Finance Broker Braeside – How We Can Assist

At The 500 Group our core business is helping SME clients access the finance they need to grow their business and create personal wealth.

We understand the importance of cashflow and the consequences of improperly structured business or personal borrowings.

Finance also needs to be aligned with what you want to achieve both in the short and long term.

Our experienced Business Finance Broker Braeside understands both finance and business. He can help you access highly competitive finance for:

Business Finance

Business Growth / Expansion

 Cash Flow Management

Purchase Business Premises


Business Finance

Working Capital

 Invoice Financing

Property Investment

Equipment Purchase

Why Use The 500 Group?

When you use The 500 Group, you open the door to:

  • Far greater choice
  • Different pathways to access the finance you need

Policies of Lenders and the terms on which they will lend, can vary widely. Just as every business is different, so too are Lenders. There is no one size fits all!

At The 500 Group, our Finance Brokers can provide access to over 40 lenders. This includes:

  • All the major and second-tier Banks
  • Lenders that specialise in types of finance or industries
  • Fintech Lenders

The major benefit of choice is that it introduces increased competition. For our clients, this invariably flows through to improved pricing, terms, and conditions.

Bankability Assessment – Knowledge is Power!

At The 500 Group, we believe it is important to know where you stand before approaching Lenders for finance. While this involves a greater investment of time on our behalf, it leads to far better outcomes for our clients.

The Bankability Assessment is a powerful process that:

  • Provides background regarding your business & structure
  • Outlines details of the finance you’re seeking and any proposed security arrangements
  • Analyses your business performance – with commentary where needed
  • Allows different structures & pricing to be tested
  • Identifies your business and personal borrowing potential
  • Highlights factors which, if changed, could improve pricing, terms, and conditions

Equipment Finance Broker in Braeside - Manufacturing Equipment Finance

As customer expectations increase, and margins contract, ready access to Equipment Finance and Manufacturing Equipment Finance is critical to maintaining your competitive advantage.

Our Equipment Finance Broker in Braeside specialises in Equipment Finance and Manufacturing Equipment Finance. This means she can help you:

  • Access the finance you need fast
  • Structure the finance to your needs and cashflow
  • Select the right product to enjoy ownership, tax and GST benefits
  • Provide Trade Finance facilities if the equipment needs to be imported
  • Avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes

Get in touch with our Equipment Finance Broker in Braeside if you need finance for:

Equipment Finance

Manufacturing Equipment

Commercial Equipment

Medical & Dental Equipment


Hospitality Equipment

Equipment Finance


Specialised Equipment

Yellow Goods

Office Equipment

Computers & Servers

Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Braeside

If you are looking to finance a new vehicle for your business or a fleet of vehicles, our Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Braeside can assist with finance for:

Motor Vehicle Finance

Motor Vehicles & Fleets


Commercial Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Finance

Prime Movers & Trailers



To get you behind the wheel of the vehicle fast, we can also help you access “no financials” finance if you:

  • Own property
  • Have been in business for 2 years
  • Hold an ABN
  • Are GST registered

Also, if you regularly change your motor vehicles, or other wheeled equipment – ask about “hassle free” – Replacement Finance.

Home Finance Broker in Braeside

Many business owners use their business as a vehicle to fund what is important in their lives and create wealth.

However, when you have business borrowings, establishing what you can borrow and understanding all the options, can be difficult & enormously time consuming.

The situation becomes more complicated if your request is processed by a different area or person. Someone who may not understand your business.

Our strength at The 500 Group is that we understand business and importantly, can help you obtain the Home or Investment Finance you need, in-house.

Our Home Finance Broker in Braeside can put you back in control and:

  • Determine what you can afford to borrow
  • Explain the different options available
  • Structure the finance so that it doesn’t drain your business of cashflow
  • Source highly competitive finance from our panel of Lenders

If you own a business and want to learn more about how our Home Finance Broker in Braeside can help you access the finance need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What Do Finance Brokers Get Paid?

Our Finance Brokers are paid by the Lender you choose to provide the finance.

When you engage our Finance Brokers, they will research the market to identify Lenders most suited to the type of financing you require.

They will:

  • Provide their recommendations as to the Lender most suited to your circumstances
  • Outline the reasons for this recommendation

However critically, you decide whether to proceed. It is your choice. You are in control.

Experience a Different Finance Relationship

By using our Finance Brokers, you will enjoy more choice, and through this:

  • Improved leverage
  • Greater negotiating power
  • More pathways to approval

Our Bankability Assessment helps put you in control. It allows different options and structures to be tested and agreed before approaching the market.

While getting you the finance you need is critical, we also look to build long-term relationships with our clients. This means we will be there for you as your needs change and evolve, as they invariably will.

If you own a business in Braeside and would like to learn more about how our Finance Brokers  can help you access the finance you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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