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Business Finance Broker Borona - The 500 Group
Business Finance Broker Borona - The 500 Group

Business Finance Broker Boronia - The Finance Challenge

Most businesses need ready access to well-structured business finance. Whether the finance is for growth, to purchase equipment, or cash flow, it needs to be available, and correctly structured.

However, without the right support, accessing business finance can be a difficult and frustrating process.

Lender policies and requirements can seem complicated and confusing.

Be it business finance, or commercial equipment finance, you need an experienced partner to help you successfully navigate the complexity. Someone who will find you the right solution and save you time.

Finance Broker Boronia – Accessing the Finance You Need

Our experienced Business Finance Broker Boronia and Commercial Equipment Finance Broker can help you access the finance you need.

We understand, and specialise in, financing for business and can help you with:

Business Finance

Business Growth

 Business Premises Purchase

Working Capital / Cashflow

Trade Finance

Business Purchase

Finance Restructure

Equipment Finance

Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Yellow Goods

Commercial Equipment

Prime Movers and Trailers

Specialised Equipment

Motor Vehicles

Avoiding Cash Flow Pain!

Most business owners have a mix of business and personal borrowings.

To avoid cash flow pain, business and personal borrowings can’t be viewed, or treated separately. They need to be correctly structured to ensure the repayments do not place a strain on the business lifeblood – its cash flow!

Because cash flow is so important, when you engage our Business Finance Broker Boronia to seek finance on your behalf, we focus on the total group (business and personal) borrowings.

We do this to ensure all the financial commitments are affordable, and to avoid costly, and time-consuming restructures, down the track.

(To assist with personal borrowings such as, Home Loans and Property investment Loans, at The 500 Group, we have a highly experienced Residential Finance Broker as part of our team)

Industry Experience Can Make a Difference

Just as no two businesses are the same, every industry has elements of specialisation. To ensure a successful outcome, industry knowledge is essential.

Our Business Finance Broker Boronia and Commercial Equipment Finance Broker have extensive experience across a wide range of industries including:

Industry Experience








Industry Experience

Professional Services


Business Services

Real Estate Agents

Environmental & Waste Disposal



The 500 Group Advantage

For business owners, the key benefits of using The 500 Group to access finance are:

  • Far greater choice
  • Access to more Lenders
  • Different options and pathways to approval
  • Greater competition between Lenders
  • Increased negotiating power
  • It can save time and stress

Our Business Finance Broker Boronia, and Commercial Equipment Finance Broker, can provide access to over 40 Lenders.

This includes the major Banks, 2nd tier Banks, Specialist and Fintech Lenders.

Lender policies, willingness to lend, and on what terms, can vary widely. The key is to know which Lender(s) are suited to your individual circumstances and needs.

The Finance Application Process

When you engage The 500 Group to seek business finance on your behalf,  the process we follow is:

Business Finance Process

Step 1

Understand your business & requirements

Step 2

Seek information required by Lenders

Step 3

Prepare Bankability Assessment 

Step 4

Research & engage Lenders

Step 5

Present & agree options

Step 6

Submit loan application

Step 7

Negotiation, fine tuning & Letter of Offer

Step 8

Acceptance & manage process to settlement

How do Business Finance Brokers Get Paid?

Finance Brokers are paid by Lenders when we deliver them new financing opportunities.

Lenders are willing to pay Brokers because they save their team the time and cost of prospecting for new clients.

We recommend the Lender(s) we believe are most suited your business, and what you are seeking, and explain why.

However, importantly, you decide whether or not to proceed.

Need Finance – Get in Touch Today

If you need business, or commercial equipment finance, and want to learn more about how we can help you access highly competitive, well-structured finance don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Our Business Finance Broker Boronia, or Commercial Equipment Finance Broker, can help you navigate the complexity, save time, and avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Through our market access, you will enjoy far greater choice, and more pathways to approval.

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