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Access Finance - Business Finance Broker Blackburn
Access Finance - Business Finance Broker Blackburn

Business Finance Broker Blackburn – Business Finance Specialists

If you are looking for a Business Finance Broker or an Equipment Finance Broker in Blackburn, the experienced team at The 500 Group can help.

The 500 Group are specialists in business & equipment finance. We have been assisting business owners in Blackburn with finance since 2013.

Business Finance Broker Blackburn - Why Use a Broker?

Unless you have a background in finance, comparing offers for Business Finance and Equipment Finance can be extremely time-consuming and confusing.

It can also be expensive if you get it wrong!

All Banks and Lenders have differing products, policies and appetites to lend. Some prefer particular industries, or types of financing, over others.

Pricing, can vary widely, depending on what is being financed, the term, the business performance, and many other factors.

Our Business Finance Broker Blackburn and Equipment Finance Broker in Blackburn can help you successfully navigate this complexity. Freeing up time to focus on what is important – growing your business!

The Bankability Assessment - Know Where You Stand

Before approaching Lenders, we believe it is important to know where you stand.

To do otherwise, is like playing a game of sport without knowing the rules, nor anything about the opposition. You might get lucky, but the chances are it won’t turn out well!

To help you get the right outcome, before we approach Lenders will will complete a Bankability Assessment.

This powerful process:

  • Analyses your business performance
  • Establishes your borrowing potential and overall debt servicing capacity
  • Allows different pricing and loan structures to be tested
  • Highlights factors which, if improved or changed, could lead to better pricing, terms and conditions
Business Finance Broker Blackburn - How We Can Assist

There is far more to business finance than a great interest rate. It needs to work not just today, but also allow for growth and the changes that invariably occur in business.

Our Business Finance Broker Blackburn can help you work through the options and structure a finance package tailored specifically to your situation and what you are trying to achieve.

We do all the research and handle negotiations on your behalf.

Our Business Finance Broker can help you access finance for:

Business Finance

Business Growth / Expansion

 Cash Flow Management

Purchase Business Premises


Business Finance

Working Capital

 Invoice Financing

Property Investment

Equipment Purchase

Equipment Finance Broker in Blackburn

Access to the latest equipment is critical. Customer expectations are increasing. They expect faster turnarounds and higher quality. Productivity needs to be improved and downtime minimised.

Having the latest equipment can help you meet these challenges and sustain your competitive advantage.

However, it is not enough to have the latest equipment. If financed, you need to ensure you choose the right product, term, and structure. Ownership, tax, and GST further elements that need to be considered, as mistakes are expensive to unwind.

Our experienced Equipment Finance Broker in Blackburn can help you navigate this complexity and access highly competitive finance for:

Equipment Finance

Manufacturing Equipment

Commercial Equipment

Medical & Dental Equipment


Hospitality Equipment

Equipment Finance


Specialised Equipment

Yellow Goods

Office Equipment

Computers & Servers

Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Blackburn

When we require a new vehicle for our business, it can seem less hassle to use finance offered by the dealership. However, this can be an expensive mistake!

Like Equipment Finance, ownership, tax, GST, product choice, term and structure are all factors that need to be taken into account. With vehicles, these factors, plus any additional fees incurred and year of build contribute to the true cost of the vehicle.

A great headline interest rate may mask the true cost of purchasing the vehicle. Therefore, you need a Motor Vehicle Finance Specialist.

Our experienced Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Blackburn can help you access highly competitive finance for:

Motor Vehicle Finance

Motor Vehicles & Fleets


Commercial Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Finance

Prime Movers & Trailers



Home Finance Broker in Blackburn

Many experienced business owners are often surprised and frustrated by the amount of information required, and the granular assessment involved, when they seek home or property investment finance.

This is compounded further when the person you are dealing with, whilst helpful, doesn’t understand your business.

While it is possible to check rates offered on different websites, a great rate is only part of the solution. Importantly, the finance also needs to be structured so that it doesn’t drain the business of vital cashflow.

Our experienced Home Finance Broker in Blackburn understands business and can help you access highly competitive home or investment finance.

At The 500 Group many of our clients have home loans and property investment loans in addition to their business finance. Helping our clients with a mix of business and personal finance, access finance is a strength of the Group.

How are Finance Brokers Paid?

Finance Brokers are paid by the Lenders for sourcing and delivering new financing opportunities.

Lenders pay Brokers for new opportunities introduced, as it dramatically shortens the time and cost of their team sourcing new business.

When we understand your situation and have undertaken our analysis, we research the market to find Lender(s) who are competitive and aligned to what you are seeking.

We then provide our recommendations and our reasons why.

However you are in control, and make the final decision whether or not to proceed.

Get in Touch Today!

The Blackburn business community is diverse and evolving.

Our team understand the challenges of running a business & will work with you to access well structured, competitively priced finance, tailored specifically to your circumstance.

At The 500 Group we have highly experienced brokers servicing each of the three key finance segments:

  • Business Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Home & Property Investment Finance

If you need finance and would like to talk to one of our team, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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