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Business Finance Broker Altona - The 500 Group
Business Finance Broker Altona - The 500 Group

Business Finance Broker Altona – Greater Choice

If you own a business in Altona, you may not have thought about using a Business Finance Broker to secure the finance you require.

Mortgage Brokers now write more than 66% of all Home Loans. However, when it comes to business or commercial equipment finance, most business owners still approach their existing Bank, or Lender.

While this may turn out well, there are a number of significant benefits of using a Business Finance Broker or Commercial Equipment Finance Broker including:

  • Far greater choice
  • More options and pathways to approval
  • Increased competition for your business
  • Improved pricing, terms, and conditions

For example, at The 500 Group we have access to over 40 Lenders. Our panel of Lenders includes all the major Banks, Specialist and Fintech Lenders.

This market access delivers better outcomes for our clients.

Why Use our Business Finance Broker Altona?

Our Business Finance Broker Altona,specialises in and understands, business finance.

Unlike Home Finance, Business Finance can be complex. There are many different factors to be considered. Importantly, to avoid time consuming and expensive restructures, repayments need to be aligned to the business cash flow.

This includes the owners’ personal borrowings (home loans, property investment loans etc).

Too often, little thought is given to the correct structuring of facilities, which at some point can result in cash flow pain!

This is where using an experienced, Business Finance Broker can make all the difference. Our Brokers understand finance and importantly, business!

Types of Business Finance

If the finance is business related, our Business Finance Broker Altona will be able to help.

Examples of the type of financing we assist clients with include:

Business Finance

Business Growth / Expansion

 Cash Flow Management

Purchase Business Premises


Business Finance

Working Capital

 Invoice Financing

Property Investment

Equipment Purchase

Equipment Finance Broker in Altona – Manufacturing Equipment Finance

If you are looking for manufacturing equipment finance our Equipment Finance Broker in Altona can assist.

We understand manufacturing. Our Equipment Finance Broker in Altona can structure the finance to your situation and cashflow.

When submitting the Finance Application, we will also ensure sufficient time is allowed for installation and commissioning being repayments commence.

If the equipment needs to be imported, we can provide Trade Finance facilities that convert to a loan facility when the goods have been landed and inspected by the Lender.

Our Equipment Finance Broker in Altona can assist you with finance for:

Equipment Finance

Manufacturing Equipment

Commercial Equipment

Medical & Dental Equipment


Hospitality Equipment

Equipment Finance


Specialised Equipment

Yellow Goods

Office Equipment

Computers & Servers

Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Altona

Our Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Altona can help you access highly competitive finance for the purchase of:

Motor Vehicle Finance

Motor Vehicles & Fleets


Commercial Vehicles

Motor Vehicle Finance

Prime Movers & Trailers



With Motor Vehicle Finance it is easy to be misled by low headline interest rates which can mask the true cost of the finance.  A low interest rate can be offset by:

  • A higher purchase price
  • Hidden fees and charges
  • A previous year date build – which means you receive less for the vehicle when you sell or trade in
  • A higher balloon payment with the result you pay more interest over the term of the facility
  • Plus more

Our Motor Vehicle Finance Broker in Altona, will help you avoid these pitfalls and through our panel of Lenders. provide you with a finance package that this truly market competitive.

Home Finance Broker in Altona

If you have a Home Loan and/or Property Investment loan in addition to business borrowings, our highly experienced Home Finance Broker in Altona can assist.

Whether you are looking to upgrade, purchase your dream home, undertake major renovations, or create wealth through property investment, we can help you access the finance you need.

Our Home Finance Broker in Altona will also ensure your personal borrowings are correctly structured and do not drain your business of vital cashflow.

Different Lenders! Different Policies!

Business Finance has changed dramatically from decades past. It is a huge mistake to assume they are all the same!

Lenders have different policies and willingness to lend. For example, a Lender may be in growth mode for a time, then decide to consolidate.

Some Lenders also favour types of lending or target specific industries. As a result, they may be able to offer more flexible terms because they have a better understanding of the risk.

The key is to know which Lender will be suited to your business, and the type of funding you require.

How Does the Finance Broker Process Work?

This will largely be determined by the type of finance you require – however in broad terms, when you engage The 500 Group, the process we follow is:

  • Meeting(s) to understand your business and requirements
  • We provide you, and your Accountant, with a list of information required by Lenders
  • Prepare a Bankability Assessment
  • Initial feedback is provided
  • We then seek expressions of interest from Lenders most suited to your situation
  • You choose the preferred Lender
  • Next, we submit a Finance Proposal to the chosen Lender
  • Letter(s) of Offer is received
  • Fine-tuning and negotiation
  • We manage the process through to settlement
  • Ongoing support provided. We stay connected

The Bankability Assessment is a powerful process we follow for Business Finance and larger Commercial Equipment Finance.

Need Finance and Want Greater Choice?

Using a Finance Broker can open the door to far greater choice and different pathways to approval.

Choice introduces greater competition. Our experience is that competition invariably delivers better pricing, terms and conditions.

Importantly, using a Finance Broker changes the game and puts you in control.  (Which is as it should be!)

If you would like to learn more about how The 500 Group can help you access the finance you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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