Business Finance Broker Altona – Greater Choice

Are you a business owner in Altona who needs fast access to commercial equipment finance?

Are you looking for more commercial equipment finance options?

Commercial equipment finance has changed dramatically over the past decade.

Every lender has different policies and willingness to lend. Some favour specific industries and can offer more flexible terms because they have a greater understanding of the risks, however, this can change.

Do you dream about a quick yes, fast approval, no hassle and a good deal?

The key to getting a great loan that works for your business is to know which lender suits you and the type of loan product you require.

How we help

At The 500 Group we have access to over 40 lenders, including all the major banks, and second tier specialist and Fintech lenders to give you:

  • More lender choice and access to specialist commercial equipment finance lenders
  • Different loan options and structures
  • Increased competition for your business
  • Improved pricing, terms, and conditions
  • More pathways to approval.

We take the time to genuinely understand your industry, business and needs, then structure your finance accordingly.

Using our specialised commercial equipment finance Broker can make all the difference—because we understand which lenders best suit you and your commercial equipment finance transaction.