Business Premises Fitout – Critical Mistakes to Avoid

In my days before finance, I worked for a major retail corporate and responsible for the display of merchandise throughout their new retail outlets across Victoria, it opened my eyes to the complexity involved with business premises fitout. To the many factors that need to be considered to ensure a great customer experience. This combined [...]

It’s in the Bag – Helping women and girls experiencing poverty!

The 500 Group are delighted to be donating to the “It’s in the Bag” Christmas Charity campaign, being coordinated by the Share with Dignity Charity. Established in 2015 by Rochelle Courtenay, the Charity supports women and girls experiencing poverty and domestic violence by distributing very much needed products. You can learn more about it here: [...]

Understanding Novated Leasing

Novated Leasing is a popular, and often a financially attractive way employees can lease a car from their pre-tax income. This is known as salary sacrificing. By paying the lease from pre-tax income it in effect also reduces your taxable income. How does Novated Leasing work? To access Novated Leasing the employer needs to offer [...]

Chattel Mortgage or Finance Lease?

A question I am often asked by clients is, "What is a Chattel Mortgage and how is it different from a Finance Lease?" A Chattel Mortgage and a Finance Lease are both finance products typically used by businesses to acquire: Business equipment Motor Vehicles How a Chattel Mortgage is different from a Finance Lease The [...]

Home Loan or Car loan – Avoiding the Pitfalls!

Low interest rates on home loans make it appealing to roll a car loan into your mortgage. At face value this makes sense, but there are significant risks! If you’re not careful, your new car could cost you a lot more than if you took out a separate car loan! In fact, in a worse-case [...]

  • Sharon Piening
  • 24 September, 2018
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Understanding Import Finance

When importing equipment for your business, it’s important to understand the steps involved, particularly if import finance is required. Import Finance is a solution used to purchase equipment from offshore. For many businesses, importing equipment is a way to maintain a competitive edge and improve productivity. Essentially if the equipment needs to be financed, there [...]

Car Buying Service – A better way to buy your new car!

Buying a car can be an exciting time, however you can make the process a lot easier and far more enjoyable by using a Car Buying Service. I love the experience of driving a new car, but for many years disliked the process, particularly negotiating the price and trade-ins with car dealers. The problem being [...]

Why You Should use a Broker for Car Finance!

You have found the motor vehicle you want and can’t wait get behind the wheel, now comes the question of car finance! Once we have been through the process of research, test driving and negotiation – it is tempting to quickly arrange the finance, so we can start enjoying your new car! Car Finance and [...]