Private Sales

Private sales typically involve direct interactions between individuals rather than businesses. These transactions can include the sale of used items, vehicles, equipment, yellow goods and more. Advantages Cost Savings: Private sales often avoid additional costs associated with buying from businesses, such as markups, taxes, and fees. Personal Touch: Buyers and sellers can communicate directly, fostering [...]

Navigating the World of Asset Finance: A Guide to Smart Business Investments

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the pursuit of growth and innovation is a constant endeavour. While the concept of acquiring new assets to drive business expansion is not new, the methods by which businesses achieve this have evolved significantly. Enter asset finance – a strategic tool that has emerged as a cornerstone of [...]

The Advantages of Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing is an increasingly popular way for business owners to fund daily operations and growth. There are many Lenders in the market who provide Invoice Financing. Why Invoice Financing is needed When you allow customers time to pay, vital cash flow is locked up in outstanding debtors. While it may look great on a [...]

Salary Packaging an Electric Vehicle

It is now far more affordable to salary package an electric vehicle. The cost difference between electric and petrol/diesel vehicles has been a major factor in Australia’s slow adoption of electric vehicles. The Federal Government introduced legislation in July 2022 to significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles for Australians. Employers who allow current employees [...]

Should I refinance my borrowings?

Many businesses and homeowners are asking the question, "should I refinance to get a better deal"? (This is not surprising given the recent rapid rate increases with the prospect of more to come). According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, "the value of borrower refinancing of owner-occupier housing loan commitments between lenders rose 9.7 per [...]

  • Sharon Piening
  • 12 September, 2022
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The difference between Invoice Finance and Factoring

A question I am often asked by clients is “What is the difference between Invoice Finance and Factoring”. While both invoice a Lender advancing funds against your debtors, how they work, and their cost is quite different. Of the two, Invoicing Finance is the most popular and is increasingly being used by businesses in Australia [...]

The Pros and Cons of Equipment Financing in 2022

With interest rates rising, and uncertainty around the near- term outlook, it can be tempting to put off Equipment Financing decisions. Supply chains have been disrupted, interest rates are rising, and business input costs, particularly petrol and gas, are increasing. In these circumstances, it is easy for business owners to delay purchasing the equipment they [...]

Invoice Finance for Small Business

Have you ever considered how much better your cash flow would be if everyone paid what they owed you?  One option that is often overlooked is Invoice Financing. Invoice Finance is ideal for businesses with a quality debtor book looking for a way to finance growth. It is ideal for businesses with a quality debtor [...]

Sale and Lease Back of Equipment

Sale and leaseback of equipment is a financial option available to businesses that is something of a hidden secret! It provides businesses with the opportunity to raise funds against business assets that they have purchased and inject funds back into the business. However, the timing of the loan application and drawn down is crucial. Why [...]

What is a Credit Score and Why is it Important?

When you seek to borrow money your credit score is important! Your credit score is one of the key considerations used by Lenders to decide whether they should lend you money, on what terms and at what rate. It is a valuable asset, that needs to be monitored and protected. What is included in your [...]